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      rmd replied to the thread Matt Lodge.
      If the medicos say it's potentially Round 4 to Round 8, I'd rather keep it at Round 8, meaning hopefully, he'll be available for 18 more...
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      I think we all need to be very careful disussing these things and definitely do not make comment. Just let it be and wait and let the...
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      rmd replied to the thread Juniors Discussion Thread.
      Hi Jo Glad you are back positing and keeping us informed about the Juniors with your inside knowledge. I note there are 37 players you...
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      rmd replied to the thread Club News 2023.
      When is Couso back? We need some news of some sorts
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      rmd replied to the thread 2023 Pacific Championship.
      It was just one of those days, like Sea Eagles beating Melbourne 40 - 0. It happens when one team is really ‘on’ and another ‘not so’...
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      rmd replied to the thread Addin Fonua-Blake.
      In my dreams I hope ADF remembers and cherishes how the Sea Eagles released him on compassionate grounds, as opposed to the Dragons, who...
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      rmd replied to the thread Oshay on the move?.
      The Mole is usually right more often than wrong with his rumours. I’m not disappointed if Aloiai leaves, and wish him good luck if he...
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      rmd replied to the thread Lachlan Croker.
      He’s very underrated by some here and I think Ennis may help improve his game with some niggle
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      rmd replied to the thread The Penn Ownership.
      Love them or hate them, without the Penn family our club would basically be ‘Kaput’. They have invested millions, and yes, they’ve made...
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      rmd replied to the thread The Haumole Bible..
      Haumole's second 'family', the Fainu's, are now all over at the Tigpies, and if you saw how emotional Haumole was when he made the...
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      rmd replied to the thread Nathan Brown.
      I’m all in on signing Brown. I want some mongrel in our pack where other teams know that when they are playing Manly they are going to...
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      I just love the rumours. The Kennel would be going crazy. Maybe JAC is out of favour with Gould. However, yeah, no, I can’t see it...
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      rmd replied to the thread Kaeo Weekes.
      Good slick to Kaeo. He has immense talent and I hope he achieves his goals at the Raiders.
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      I think if you look back at those days of the early 80's, of Manly v Parra, Manly had by far the best forwards in the comp and all of...
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      rmd replied to the thread Our 'new era' logo is not new.
      I don’t mind it. It’s just a logo and I don’t think they spent much on it, given it’s just and old logo and has been changed from left...
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