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    Samuela Fainu

    I would like to see Jamie Humphreys for DCE during origin, A solid organizer, seen enough of Johns to know he is a last resort selection for 1st grade.
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    In more professionally run sports they governing body does gather evidence and catches out the team/club or manager. Examples are in NBA and NFL Maybe the NRL needs to go on one of their fact-finding junkets to the states to learn how to run a competition.
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    No Club should be talking about a future signing of a player while they are still under contract till 2024 season. media who reports this should also have the NRL asking where they heard this, if Tigers deny, shouldnt they take media to court for defamation? big can of worms that wont be opened...
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Its so obvious to us all that its Tampering from the manager, why doesnt NRL investigate and punish this, oh and the media, they just stir the pot to get clicks and sell papers.
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    Game Day: Manly v Storm [Round 7, 2023]

    how and why was Olam been sent for a Head assesment when there was no contact with his head in the tackle, was that because of the trainer calling for it, and to disrupt manly momentum
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    RELEASED WTF? - viliame fifita and alec tuitavake

    good points, club signs a player who is underperforming they have to eat the contract. club signs player who is out performing the value of contract, player / agent should eat the contract. club wants to get out of the contract, see if they can work out a trade with another club.
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    RELEASED WTF? - viliame fifita and alec tuitavake

    THe clubs wont stand firm against the player managers as this will affect the signing / resigning of players in the future with the manager. solution - NRL needs to go apocalyptic on the players manager and at the least refuse to register the new contract. we hear the storys of how a player...
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    RELEASED WTF? - viliame fifita and alec tuitavake

    Manly forecasted well and signed Fifita for the next 2 years - great cap management. Like Woodsie said, this is Tampering by the manager, there is no way this happens in a better run competition, imagine this was tried in the NBA or NFL. NRL needs to put fans first and stop this amateur hour...
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    Who would be the slowest - Parker or Harper? atleast you would have enough time to get another beer before the race finished. Really hope Myers develops and makes the jump to 1st grade next year. Also, of interest will be to see if Feledy now playing for the tigers makes 1st grade next year.
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    Koula injured

    Fletcher Myers maybe?
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    Roosters’ cap crisis could send star to rugby, and force half to rival

    There is not enough talk/ investigation by the media about this, for most of them to think the fans will believe that players are signing with the roosters due to there "culture" being better than all the other clubs and taking less money, it is insulting. Look at the storm and panthers losing...
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    Roosters’ cap crisis could send star to rugby, and force half to rival

    Yep I can see that happening, the Teflon Rorters
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    Roosters’ cap crisis could send star to rugby, and force half to rival

    Great point - wouldn't it clear everything up if the NRL listed THEIR value of each player in the NRL. Then you have the below cap relief with Crighton Uncle Nick to Crighton - "go have a paid year of while I manipulate the NRL"
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    Recruitment, good , bad and downright ugly.

    Be nice to have a name of the person who "manages" our cap, I really hope it is not a hot potato or managed by a group of front office people who see m to be a revolving door judging the last few years of front office musical chair. Also what would be affecting our recruitment is the new club...
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    How many times will they mention Foran going to the Titans next year

    1ST half - mentioned around 6 times from "commentators" 2nd Half prediction 4 more times
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Yea I noticed he didnt look happy after the game, Thought it was a good sign, looks like he is not happy coming of the bench
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    Morgan Harper

    thought the parra player should of been penalised for not clearing the ruck, he went directly over Harper so as to get position as marker when the ball was played.
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    Game Day: Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2022]

    fox sports coverage, lets hype up Munster who isnt playing in the upcoming game
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    Game Day: Souths v Manly [Round 8, 2022]

    guess DCE is the New beach sprint champion
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    Tigers sign Feledy

    Just saw that tigers have signed Josh Feledy to a 3 year deal, starting next year. Cant keep them all, player that has a lot of potential.... not sure how well he will do in the Tigers system.
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