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    State of Origin [Game II, 2021]

    sorry if its been discussed already but does anyone know the reasoning behind putting this game on at 7:50pm on a Sunday?
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    NRL 360 - The word of Kenty.

    And they just had to throw in cherry’s name when they were discussing what players wanted to over throw v’landys
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    Club news

    Nrl 360 weren’t happy with his decision to wear the mask lol
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    James Tedesco Contract

    Seems as though he is in the clear because he is cooperating.. every other club that goes under the microscope mustn’t be cooperating like the roosters do :think:
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    The Daly Cherrygraph

    I'm not convinced until the presser, man I hope this news is right though!
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    Myles to Panthers?

    He will sign with manly along with Elgey
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    I posted in the rumours thread that Elgey was a done deal but now I've been told that it has back flipped. Not sure what has happened but I was told today he is not coming to manly. Hope I'm wrong as I think he could develop well at manly.
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    Goal kicking Half

    Elgey is a great goal kicker
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    2015 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Not sure if mentioned before. A very strong source (who woulda thought, another poster with another "source") saying that Kane Elgey is basically a done deal for manly, just gotta find that darn pen.
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    Will Manly counter offer?

    I don't buy into hearing all the talk about "being what's best for their family" when it comes to cherry or foran. They are going to have huge careers in the nrl both current and post playing careers. They have there future in good enough stead that an extra 100 or 200k a season will not make a...
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    2014 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Let's hope Glenn leaving means the club can afford to keep these guys!
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    2014 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere, but fox sports news have just mentioned that warriors are trying to get matai. Also speculation burher may leave at the end of the year but he says talks with the club are "progressing". All this from fox sports news. Gotta love it when players...
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    DCE out for a Month or a week or a day...

    RE: DCE out for a Month On the league live app it has toovey saying that dce is still a chance to play on Saturday.
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    Packing out Brookie this Sunday

    With so much focus in the media lately about poor crowds, hopefully this weekend manly can show the nrl why local grounds are the better option with a packed out brookie!
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    I am still dirty :-(

    been contemplating for a while whether i actually want to watch this or not because of how angry and upset it will make me :(
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    DCE and Stewart bros rift?

    I read in the courier a while back that they signed their u20's half back for ridiculous money, from memory I think it was 300k a year.
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    Watching league in Vietnam

    be careful of the local girls giving you lots of attention outside of booze cruz (that whole street in particular really) as they like to pick pocket that area. other than that enjoy your cheap beer and go manly!
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    mitchell pearce

    I hope that was his last game.
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    SOO 2

    Blues will win because I have to work tonight, and it would just be my luck that after waiting 7 years I won't be watching the series go to the blues...
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    2013 Rumoured and confirmed signings.

    Awesome I went to school with this guy! Everyone always had wraps on him making it to the nrl, good on him.
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