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    A real message this team is on the up

    Yes need to somehow get them playing with that intent more weeks than not, can win games even when not everything goes right
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    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Storm [Round 7, 2023]

    Post of the night for me…. Especially that 2nd line
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    Morgan Harper

    Harper played well tonight, certainly a lot better than recent form. Not a long term answer in this position but definitely squad player to keep in reserve for injuries than always happen during a season
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    To all you naysayers...

    So true, bad result last week and terrible performance no doubt but need to back the team as fans
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Foran was great for us in the last 2 season’s especially last year. The constant need to rubbish anyone who leaves the club is poor form in my opinion . Schuster played good last night and was one of best. Hopefully he gets better but it’s only one game early in a season, as someone said on Fox...
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    The Top 8 / Wooden Spoon, your choice VOTE NOW!!

    Here we go…. Panthers Roosters Cowboys Souths Cronulla Manly Parra Melbourne Dragons for the spoon
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    Favourite Rugby League Commentator/ Media Ever ?

    Rabs with Sterlo and Fatty was best for me, not Rabs with Gus though. Didn’t enjoy that combo of last few years, Warren Smith and Greg Alexander are the current ones I enjoy the best
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    2023 Playoffs

    Long time 49ers fan here, I knew as soon as we had the Seahawks in the playoffs they would push us very close. Glad we managed to break away in the 3rd quarter and get the win in the bag. Jags game yesterday was absolutely nuts. NFL playoff time is a great time, loads of great games the last few...
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    Which club leadership is worse?

    Yes the Warriors have been lurching from 1 crisis to another ever since Cleary left the club over the length of his deal wasn’t it?
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    Anthony Seibold - Manly coach. "Official"

    Exactly as I feel and my those thoughts alarm me
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    Josh Aloiai re-signs until 2025

    Happy with this resigning as he’s upped his game this year and hopefully will improve each year he’s with the club
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    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Hope that it’s not a indication of his future play, absolutely terrible play and totally unnecessary. I’m worried that it will be a regular event in his game to try low percentage plays all time when not needed and cost us
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    Matt Lodge

    No way I'd want this guy joining Manly, he's a grub and worse off the field.
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    Game Day: Manly v Titans [Round 6, 2022]

    Can't wait to get to Brookie this arvo, first home game since 2019! Excited to see the young guns getting a chance in the backline, would rather Toula at fullback but at least he's in the team. Hopefully Sipley goes better than round 1. Titans strangely enough have a better record at Bookie...
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    DCE 2 more years and coaching gig

    The article did say that DCE recognised that his next deal would be significantly lower than his last so hopefully we will save money there and be able to spend it on some upgrades or new signings
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    Parker out

    I’m happy this has come about, not that Parker is out necessarily but for Koula to get a chance. I was hoping Harper would be the centre to drop out of team to give Koula a chance to get some games but this will do
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    We have a problem - 7 players out Saturday !!

    Parker is out of team according to NRL website as mentioned in another thread
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    Parker out

    Is Koula in? Or is there anybody else? Can’t see Walker been selected there. Des seems to like playing him anywhere but Centre
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    Mega Brookie/4 Pines

    Hopefully this happens but like others I will only believe it’s happening when they start knocking down the old stands. There have been many false starts on this
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    Who should be Manly’s centres in 2022

    It just shows the vast difference of opinions on the forum. Most now after last year including myself on the forum think Garrick is not even a problem but there’s always someone who thinks otherwise but it 2020 he was a lot of posters whipping boy!!
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13 6 7 52 14
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14 6 8 -65 12
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