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  1. QueefRichards

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    Loved Ennis as a player, hope he's a good coach
  2. QueefRichards

    Game Day: Dragons v Manly [Round 22, 2023]

    Very poor ball control has really let the dragons back into the match
  3. QueefRichards

    Players & RLPA v NRL: Ongoing Saga

    It's pretty straightforward, the RLPA wants negotiations to progress with an independent negotiator, with the NRL having who they want present, and the RLPA having who they want present. Totally reasonable, and standard practice where for industrial disputes where parties have reached an...
  4. QueefRichards

    Fainu Bros sign with Tigers.

    yeah theyre loose cannons whats our backup? because bargain bin Isaac Moses players aren't it
  5. QueefRichards

    A different kind of disappointment

    Jake probably gave away most of those six agains by himself. Surely Keppie is injured?
  6. QueefRichards

    Haha Tigers, enjoy the Fulton/Peters show ...

    Best thing Mestrov has done is jettison that rabble out of the club
  7. QueefRichards

    Move Olakau'atu to Prop/Middle

    He isn't a middle, his form has just not been at its best. His best game was when Foran was standing in at half back last year and just feeding him good ball. He cannonballed into (and through) the line so often he was gassed. DCE had his worst game of the season (Jake was pretty costly with...
  8. QueefRichards

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    I hope he realises that he can't rely on "eyes up footy" just coming to him all the time. There needs to be a plan - and I doubt the team plan for a 100+kg half that never takes on the line.
  9. QueefRichards

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Cowboys [Round 20, 2023]

    Parker was fantastic. The try celebration was great too. Everything else was quite aggravating. Jake needed a rest, he was falling asleep in the ruck and gave away a lot of six agains. Forwards were bad
  10. QueefRichards

    The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles)

    Still waiting for a Schuster performance that can be described as gritty
  11. QueefRichards

    MVP: Rd 20 v Cowboys

    Parker 3 Garrick 2 Croker 1
  12. QueefRichards

    Matt Lodge... Signed.

    I am getting increasingly concerned at rhe number of Moses managed players reaching a critical mass at the club.
  13. QueefRichards


    Woods is servicable and I haven't seen any suggestion we are overpaying for him. He gets ripped on for the years he was overhyped by the media when really I think we should look at him in terms of the value he adds vs the money he takes up on the cap.
  14. QueefRichards


    Keppies been in career best form, I won't be happy if he has to go. Who could do a comparable job on less money?
  15. QueefRichards

    The Sei-build

    Keppie has been great this year, what concerns me is that I can't see us replacing him with a forward of the same quality for less money
  16. QueefRichards

    State of Origin 2023

    Looks like Jake is playing the full 80 minutes.. Absolutely sick of Fittler chopping and changing and having no idea about the value of the players he has. For instance - dropping Jake last year before recalling him after realising that he actually defensively holds the middle together. There...
  17. QueefRichards

    To Tom, Best Wishes and a Speedy Recovery.

    Hope he returns better than ever next year That said It really stings how much the club spent on the Trbojevic brothers out to 2026. There's no justification for a high paying contract for 5+ years, and both Jake and Tom, while great players, showed why it's a bad idea.
  18. QueefRichards

    Team List Tuesdays ... Should be a ripper.

    Is Keppie injured? He's had a great year, really bad coaching if he's dropped for one bad game. Doesn't make any sense why Burbo and Tuilagi are ahead of Fainu. We need to win matches in order to make the finals, and Fainu is a better player than either of them right now.
  19. QueefRichards

    1995 - 1997 which one?

    1995. Would've capped off one of the most dominant years of all time.
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