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  1. maxta

    Coach Seibold thoughts so far.... so good

    Judging by who he is waving goodbye to roster wise seems on point and also seemed to be willing to "change things up" instead of getting too stale Damn tough to rank his performance with another typical injury problem to key players at Manly and I say the Bellamies and other big name coaches...
  2. maxta

    Woods Gonski

    Woodsy was a very good player in his prime, but that boat has sailed. Personally don't mind him being around, but more at Blacktown as an extreme backup player. To be fair, he went better than many claimed in 2023, but that was his ceiling and he is Not a front rower who would get 1 minute in...
  3. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Definitely footy is 1 of those things in life you form forever friends and many great memories....including much off the field... Yeh big Ritto was a huge talent and his situation was a very close call looking grim at 1 stage.....he went on to do a few other interests including helping as a...
  4. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    ET ran the gym downstairs and I was a fair bit younger, but more friends with his younger brother Michael, who became a Champion in Martial arts and the best bloke you would meet. My footy unfortunately was limited by poor discipline off the field more than ability and having a 4 year break at...
  5. maxta

    The NRL Finals Series - 2023

    Well yes 100% NZ get the ball off a penalty, which is the case in a blatant 5m forward pass Kick for touch from halfway Attack from 20m out Try - within 6 - 8 points rather than 4 tries behind....big, big difference I'll say it only once, get on Penrith next week by 11 - 20 points
  6. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Fair call - and you got me on that 1 Joe boy - have a good 1 Champ....I did have the wrong context on that looking back on it..... @:smirk: so back to footy I hope Penrith beat Brisbane....I live in SE Qld and to hear about Broncos every day would be a Killer
  7. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Yeh maybe It is a way they try get info But I missed your answer about the job where there is all good and no bad ? But I'll wait ? I hope you understand what I mean ?
  8. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    It's the "any job theory" Name 1 job where they are all so called Pure bloods
  9. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Hey Al - just on the footy stuff, you seem to have good insight mate and must have played a bit yourself. Always like your insight and posts Champ, that's 100%
  10. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Hi Al - yeh keen to see a solid Carlton dig, but tough ask in Bris vs the Lions....but let's go 😅 Yeh played basically everywhere but prop n Hooker. A close mate was the jnr Aussie halfback and played with Clyde and Daley and basically showed me how to play, as I could beat 5 each run...
  11. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Some maybe Ralpie It's like the old good cop, bad cop theory Pretty much exists in every job across society and when 1 is terrible, the mud sprays over all of them...
  12. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Hey "The Who" hope ya well mate 👍 My mate was actually a policemen and worked with me before at Cronulla leagues when every staff was linked as a player through grades at some stage..... Had Greeny, Barnett, ET, lang, long, Richardson, Triester and my good mate big Adam Ritson I only played 1...
  13. maxta

    DCE subtle dig at player managers

    Don't get me wrong here, Iv'e been around many player/managers and they have a job to do which is to look after the player. Some may do things unethically, while others are very ethical and I will add, 1 of my best mates is a manager and looks after a few Manly boys and he is 100% a genuine...
  14. maxta

    Kelma Tuilagi

    Just glad he is now at Eels and guess what, next season he will be marking up on Okalatu so with Turbo and Tom sniffing around there's an automatic 3 - 4 try advantage in that game !
  15. maxta

    Mental Health

    This is an issue beyond rugby league on a Global scale and with the pressures of everyday life effects all of us to a fact those it does not effect, are likely effected more as they hold it in. To those doing it tough here on Silvertails, sincere well wishes and stay strong...
  16. maxta

    League podcasts - what do you listen to?

    Very few I like seeing interviews with old players like Wayne Pearce Randomly will watch a few various footy shows, but no particular favourite and not often
  17. maxta

    No 1 position we need to fill for 2024

    A fast energetic lock forward like Cam Murray style would ice the cake I think Gordie will be in the 17 from R1 in 2024 and do a job....Paseka, Lodge and Jake with Bulemore, Sip and the young Tiger bull are enough up front.....a "fit" Shu left edge and Oka right is solid and with Tom back and...
  18. maxta

    Big names in manly roster shake up daily telegraph

    I was sick of Tuilagi missing tackles and even when he made a tackle it was a grab and arms with no shoulder, allowing even players half his size to win the contact and momentum....great out imo. Not sold on this Twal stuff, but that other young Tiger prop has some toughness and ability as a...
  19. maxta

    Assistant Coach after Flanno

    That went well - we are going to need to score 40 points a week to win :tmi:
  20. maxta


    Hi Al - After that gutsy Win against the odds Vs Melbourne there is a serious glimmer, though to be 100% honest, I feel the bookies odds are about spot on for this game....Lions in Bribane is a Massive challenge, but gunna cheer hard and hope the fairytale continues !!
Team P W L PD Pts
24 18 6 333 42
24 18 6 214 42
24 16 8 168 38
24 16 8 124 38
24 14 9 175 35
24 14 10 122 34
24 13 11 -24 32
24 13 11 -137 32
24 12 12 59 30
24 12 12 13 30
24 12 12 4 30
24 11 12 6 29
24 9 15 -111 24
24 9 15 -126 24
24 7 17 -331 20
24 5 19 -199 16
24 4 20 -290 14
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