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    Jorge Taufua May Not Be An Eagle In 2017

    Can't believe some of the posts on here about Jorge. When he is fit, he's up there with some of the best. You don't pay massive $$$ for wingers and Jorge fits the bill. His carries from our own end along with Matai are massive to our team and he scores some freakish tries. Even the best wingers...
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    Will you become a member, or renew your membership next season?

    That's a different situation. You sign up to one of the options they advertise at the start of the season. What I'm talking about is when they advertised tickets for instance the Raiders game, and if you bought a single ticket it included some of the member benefits. It's a joke.
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    Will you become a member, or renew your membership next season?

    The membership numbers this year are a total waste of time and a very inaccurate record. The club advertised 1 game memberships, seriously how can you be a member by buying a ticket to 1 game.
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    Will you become a member, or renew your membership next season?

    You know the difference between us and Newcastle this year? Newcastle are looking to the future and holding on to their best young players. Loyalty is a 2 way street and Newcastle supporters can see this. At the moment Penn, Kelly and co don't give a stuff about the fabric of the club or the...
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    Captain's challenge to be trialled Rd 26

    Stupid idea!!! The way I see it is they've forked out all this money for the bunker, lets get it right!! The only thing that needs to happen or be trialled, is don't make the on field ref make a decision. If he has no idea, let him tell the video ref that.
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    Shaun "Exit" Lane mega thread.

    I'm OK with the Lane signing. I think its great we are targeting big, young forwards. And to be fair, he would have come pretty cheap. Gillett is obviously the international forward being spoken about, I just hope we don't pay massive overs for him. Uate is a terrible move, although I think we...
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    Positive signs from Canberra game

    Reason we look clunky in attack is we're only playing with 1 legitimate half. Walker will never be a 5/8, Lyon does a job and Matt Wright belongs on the wing. It also affects our 5th tackle options as well because the defenders rush up on DCE knowing he's our only kicker. The same used to happen...
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    Bring In Parker, Knight maybe Hoppa, Meehan

    I'd make Tommy and Taufua go have their surgeries now, so they can still get a pre season in before 2017. That also allows Snake if fit, to come back and finish his career at Brookie. 1.Snake 2.Parker 3.Lyon 4.Williame 5.Wright 6.Api 7.DCE 8.Lussick 9.Parcell 10.AFB 11.Taupau 12.Buhrer 13.Jake...
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    Our best lineup yet?

    Spot on!!!! If I see this team picked, I'm confident we can keep the streak going.
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    The Snake

    If he is fit again by seasons end, he cant come back into the side in the #1. That is Tommy's now!! I do believe he could play on the wing though only if he really wants to be here.
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    Parcell & Knight - this week

    While I agree Jamie has lost some pace over the last 12 months, he is still a far better centre than Lewis Brown will ever be or could hope to be. Brown belongs on the bench or in NSW cup, nowhere else!
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    Backline for Perth game???

    1. Trbojevic 2. Taufua 3. Lyon 4. Green 5. Wright 6. John 7. DCE
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    Proposed Team for Round 19 Vs Warriors

    He's named in the intrust cup side for this week
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    LIfe after our "big 3" retire

    I know this...but I think for now its best to just let him play footy and get back to the form he showed before he was signed for the big $$$
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    LIfe after our "big 3" retire

    From 2017, I'd have Jake as captain. DCE does not need the added pressure to go with the big $$$ we are paying him. As for a leadership group not year - Jake, Matai (hopefully still playing) DCE, Lussick & Buhrer.
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    MVP: Most Valuable player for [Round 16: Cowboys v Sea Eagles 2016]

    3. Lussick - has been solid the last few weeks but tonight really stood up against Scott and Tamou. 2. Vave - nearly the best impact player in the game atm. I wouldn't mind seeing him get a start in the run on side, to see if it improves the team as a whole. 1. DCE - with forwards laying a...
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    [Resurrected] Lewis Brown - 'The Utility Belt'

    I wasn't happy when Barrett bought this bloke with him, and I haven't seen 1 game this year to change my mind. As above, hooker is probably his best position but I'd take Parcell and Api over him anyday. Hopefully we can offload him during the off season.
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    Game Day: Manly v Cowboys [Round 16, 2016]

    Hopefully they rest a few of their blokes, its our only hope. Based on injuries and form I'd pick - Tommy Taufua Walker Williame Wright Lyon Api Lussick Buhrer Starling Taupau Mateo Jake Bench: Vave, AFB, somebody & somebody (not Brown & Leary)
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    Titans match: player ratings and honest analysis

    If I'm being honest, here goes - Snake - injured? no effort? whatever it is, the fact is he doesn't deserve to be in the team. Taufua - lacking confidence, but he's probably the best winger we have at the moment. Tommy - a gun! cold be a superstar in any position. When Walker and Matai return in...
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    MVP: Most Valuable player for [Round 15: Titans v Sea Eagles 2016]

    3 points for Brown? Did we watch the same game....
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