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  1. vidmar

    Cooper Johns

    Cinderella wore a glass slipper…
  2. vidmar

    Post-Game Discussion Souths v Manly [Round 4, 2023]

    Did anyone else think that Lattrell Mitchell punched Josh Aloiai in the face when Souths were given the penalty for a head high tackle on him? The boys did well and a lot to like from our performances so far this season. Still plenty of room for improvement but I'm liking what I'm seeing and...
  3. vidmar

    Club News 2023

    Please sir, I want some more...
  4. vidmar

    Margaret Anthony loses her cancer battle

    I was so so sad to hear the news of her passing.... A beautiful lady, loved by many and it was always fantastic to spend time with her. She made so many friends though her love of the Sea Eagles and will be missed but remembered by them all. RIP Margaret X
  5. vidmar

    Health update

    Hope all goes well Peter and that you make a full and speedy recovery - you've got quite an impressive list of venues to go to see the Boss in 2023!
  6. vidmar

    Health update

    Thanks for the update Mark. Fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery. Best wishes to you Rosemary and the family for the festive season and wishing you all a happy and healthy new year ahead.
  7. vidmar

    Silvertails merchandise

    We got a deal through the club on the official media polo shirts by the Merch Manager and then I got them embroidered by the company that were sponsors at the time with the extra detail. We had them made for quite a few tours plus aslo caps for the international trips when we went to NZ and they...
  8. vidmar

    Silvertails merchandise

    SER8 - you might remember the "No One Likes Us" shirts that I did a while ago to raise money for the club? I also did the designs and managed the fulfillment for the 2012 WCC tour T shirts to England plus caps and polos for the interstate and NZ trips etc etc They sold well and I learned a lot...
  9. vidmar

    Stop saying “The Board”

    Under the constitution of the Sea Eagles the Football Club (MWRLFC) has 2 seats on the board.
  10. vidmar

    Vale Barbara Arthurson

    So sad to hear of Barbara's passing. Condolences to Ken and family
  11. vidmar

    Other Games [Round 19, 2022]

    — Harrigan: The referee in a league of his own by Bill Harrigan Harrigan: The referee in a league of his own “When Super League unveiled the video replay to adjudicate on suspect tries in 1997, there was a mixed reaction to its introduction. Some supporters applauded it as a massive...
  12. vidmar

    What is being said at the video sessions.

    So... Let's go through it again.... When someone throws the ball to you - try your hardest to catch it. Then, pass it to someone else behind you... preferably someone wearing the same colour shirt as you? Don't worry, they won't think you're being rude if you look at them - got that Joshy?
  13. vidmar

    Panther fans mock viking clap

    Hello mate, all good with us so hope same goes with you guys? Yes, that was a classic visit to "Brookvale North" as it was in those days - In the article, it even shows the printed instructions that were given to Bronco's fans on how and when to use the "NRMA Rally Towel" - too funny. :)
  14. vidmar

    Panther fans mock viking clap

    Pah... a beat up. As others have made mention the Raiders "clap" was copied from the Icelandic football fans. Even the horn (A marketing gimic) was copied from a NFL team in the US (Minnesota Vikings) and the idea of a guest "blower" was copied from the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) team who copied...
  15. vidmar

    Where to watch Manly game when in Auckland?

    Ah - I always wondered whose jacket we were playing bullfights with that night. It was all going really well and we were having a lot of fun until that random sporty looking dude jogging by charged head first in to the harbour with a coat wrapped around his head and nearly drowned .....
  16. vidmar

    Where to watch Manly game when in Auckland?

    O'Hagans Irish bar in the Viaduct area (near the ferry terminal) was always "home pub" for the MWTS so worth asking them - they have a couple of levels and multiple screens so may be a good option. Another option would be to contact the Mt Albert RL club and see if their club room would have it...
  17. vidmar

    Comin' to America...!

    Uwe “King Of Lawns” was a lovely guy and left us way too soon… I remember being introduced to him at a trial game at Redfern Oval around 2008/2009 ish by Aaron Markie who was membership manager at the time and Uwe was welcomed and loved by the MWTS immediately. A favourite memory of him was...
  18. vidmar

    Comin' to America...!

    We (The Sea Eagles) got pretty close to hosting a game in China with the Raiders a few years ago. David Perry and Greg Butterworth were driving the deal at the time and most of the planets were aligned (clubs, NRL, FOX, major sponsor (Huawei) etc etc) but the deal fell over as there wasn’t...
  19. vidmar

    The bunker has "discretionary powers".

    Whenever I see another blow up about the "bunker" I'm reminded of this comforting media release from the NRL (Check the date....)
  20. vidmar

    More DT Crapola - Gambling hypocrisy

    The media release to news agencies was headed NRL clubs move to distance themselves from gambling industry This is simply not true. As others have pointed pretty much each of the clubs listed still receive funds from partners that make significant money from gambling. That is not illegal and...
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