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  1. Maxim

    Game Day: Manly v Knights [Round 5, 2023]

    im convinced we can't play 80 minutes of footy
  2. Maxim

    2023 Playoffs

    need a bit of love for BCB!! niners to the house :fire: completely fradulent chargers once again sold out herbert, but of course that isn't surprising to anyone!!
  3. Maxim

    NRL Lockout - CBA?

    Similar thing happened in MLB (US baseball) last offseason, which meant that spring training (preseason) was delayed as the league dragged their heels on the CBA, however it was conveniently resolved right before the season started but caused a shorter preseason and a slight delay to the season...
  4. Maxim

    Tommy T Injured - usa bound

    Mods can we get a thread merge, because we've all seem this one play out before...
  5. Maxim

    [Resurrected] Garrick general news thread

    Ok, call me crazy, but what about Reuben at fullback, Tom at centre?? Even if it's just to start the season to let Tom ease back in from an extended, somewhat back-to-back layoff from footy with all the injury troubles of the past few seasons? Think I might just be reminiscing on that Origin...
  6. Maxim

    Manly in Crisis (a mega thread)

    el presidente #44 isn't exactly a good example of promising change and then actually getting it done...
  7. Maxim

    Lachlan Croker

    I'd expect we won't know who will truly be at hooker until the boys are on the field with the way Des operates...
  8. Maxim

    Mega Brookie/4 Pines

    Atmosphere was great in the Fulton stand, much better feel than over in the Arko previously, which often feels disconected because of it's odd design - really well done by the club, can't wait until eventually one day we can (maybe) get that experience all around!
  9. Maxim

    Postcards from BROOKIE.

    Thought the ground looked fantastic, seriously looked almost artificial, they did an excellent job. Sat in the new stand for a change, and it's everything it needs to be - angled upwards just enough that your view isn't blocked if you get a tall bloke in front, but also keeps the suburban-ground...
  10. Maxim

    MVP: Rd 2 v Roosters

    3. Guac 2. Walker 1. Davey HR: Lawman, Foz
  11. Maxim

    Brookie upgrade

    Winning back Warringah from Zali is not Dom and the state's problem, with our state seat being firmly Liberal we are of little concern to him. On the other hand, we may still be in the game federally, keep on the lookout for some potential announcements from Scotty and co. once they've landed on...
  12. Maxim

    Harper, Schuster & Olakau'atu

    Schuster will be back, what was clearly proven tonight is never count a Sea Eagle out.
  13. Maxim

    MVP: Finals Wk 2 v Roosters

    DCE Turbo Keppie - but there are so many else that deserve to be up here, could easily be several others in this slot!
  14. Maxim


    was absolutely fantastic today we're back to our peak forward pack from the middle of the season - Josh and Keppie to start with Marty and Paseka off the bench for impact
  15. Maxim

    Harper's been so bad he needs to go

    ✋stop the Harper slander✋ played well tonight and certainly a huge recovery from last week
  16. Maxim

    Walker critics be gone

    someone get this man a contract!
  17. Maxim

    New Sponsor

    Qatar Airways would've been nice as at least a change from the usual betting sponsorships, but Qatar is a country I would describe as being far from great, for a number of reasons, including the fact that homosexuality remains illegal and punishable by stoning??
  18. Maxim

    New Sponsor

    really sad to see us sellout to a betting company like this, but I guess whatever it takes to keep the club going, and to hopefully use the marketing power of PointsBet to get a bigger market for Tommy Turbo and the crew!
  19. Maxim

    MVP: Finals Wk1 v Storm

    Walker Saab maybe paseka but nobody was anywhere near the commitment of the first 2 imho
  20. Maxim

    Week 1 finals venue

    NRL Finals Schedule Revealed - Fox Sports Great to see that we are playing at Sunshine Coast, should hopefully be in better shape than Townsville was last night, a nice dry track will really benefit us against the Storm so let's hope it's a nice sunny week on the Sunshine Coast!
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