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    Woods Gonski

    No but it can certainly highlight a ducking empty cranium.
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    Woods Gonski

    So fortunate @BOZO that when it comes to Bedroom and not the football field the terror of time does not diminish is feathered friend and we can keep up with the pace of the lovelies facing off against us for the ultimate GOAL!!!..... YUCK, sorry guys I'll see myself out, I remember when this...
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    Woods Gonski

    There's thousands of those wanting to play for minimum wage because their general attitude to life and ability to string a sentence together mean they are media darlings which subsists their earnings and promotes morale, plus have represented at the highest level and have the ability to...
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    Woods Gonski

    Thank god we still have some around here who can moderate their emotions to articulate what I can't
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    Woods Gonski

    I like to leave a little on the plate for some to lick up😜, you know like the elders at a communal table, like things used to be in simpler times.
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    Woods Gonski

    Well I hope he gets a contract, I'll keep my reasoning until those of you who can string a couple of sentences together without hideously incorrect gramma and the need to resort to 'gifs' have had your time in the sun stomping about like you had any role in this whatsoever. Duck I'm sick of this...
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    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    So Paul Kent is arguing for Debellin being stood down while being charged, to protect the credibility of the organisation that employs him. Whilst Paul Kent is stood down while charged and not guilty to protect the reputation of the organisation he works for - that seems kind of similar to me...
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    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    You're a good man Ryan, unfortunately there's a heap of people wanting to be seen doing the right thing that wouldn't do it if they weren't seen doing it - and those that doing real good things are the last to bring it to anyone's attention so they never get any credit for it. Keep positive man.
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    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    It's a bit obvious hey! I'm all good man I just have seen my brother unable to see his kids for three years because of some small town stuff, and I'm just really disappointed with all the social media stuff that has a lot to do with @Mark from Brisbane deciding not to post, and so much more...
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    Is Kent the biggest dribbler not on TV?

    Duck me there are some really hard nuts here who who are judging someone for going out and finding himself employment and keeping himself and his mind active instead of drinking or medicating himself some other way through this situation. What has Paul Kent done to you personally. I think he...
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    The Haumole Bible.

    Seriously, read the article. Then realise the article is probably half clickbait. He's on 500 for the next two years. Which is cheap. He played every minute this year. Except Ten. He has been the best player in the team for the past two the best forward by far, was on one leg for six weeks this...
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    The honest thread !!

    Let's put this soft thing in perspective. I'm going to give you two lots of 500 grams of steel. One lot I want you to pour into a cylindrical mould that is 300mm by 20mm in diameter. The other lot gets poured into a 150mm by 40mm mould. Once they are both set choose which one you would like...
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    A Nation United by a Rookie NRL coach

    Thanks for posting @BOZO great article feathered friend, I'm cheering for a Wahs maiden premiership!
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    Run Koula Run

    Because he wasn't re-signed and we were not going to win the comp this year so you don't bump up his asking price by playing him in the shop front for other teams to tempt. Also if you are picking a top seventeen he is in it no matter where and at the moment everyone fit that isn't centre so...
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    Blacktown Workers ... 2023 ..

    Heard someone call into SEN and say GCKT gave Schuster a talking to going up the tunnel at half time.
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    Clayton Faulalo

    Have you seen him play? If you haven't what does your comment add? A few negative Nancy's will pat you on the back and say yeah our team is crap forget about anyone possibly coming from the lower grades and being able to play first grade competently, as if everyone gets parachuted in from the...
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    Buzz 'clickbait' today PLEASE DONT TOUCH!

    Hi guys, the old goose has written some crap today that he tried to push last night on 360 about Manly's salary cap. Please don't give it any traffic. The guy is a gossip merchant and honestly knows nothing about the game. He's just the last man standing after decent writers like Frilingos are...
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    Team you're backing now Manly are out.

    Really? You can't just look at the teams remaining and evaluate them based on playing style, character, what would be good for the game, society, which jumper is more aesthetically pleasing, who has the sexiest eyes, and decide to invest a little in that side for the finals just to make it...
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    Team you're backing now Manly are out.

    I just love watching Kayln Ponga and Dom Young and if the knights were silly enough to let Crossland go with Brailey back next season I'd hope the Eagles would swoop. Loved watching them stir Souths up so much trelly mit just gave himself a stint on the sidelines so I think I'll be cheering for...
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    RIP Kyle Turner

    Very sad was a great player. Hope he is at peace.
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