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  1. MWSE

    [Resurrected] Ben Trbojevic hoping to follow in footsteps of big brothers at Manly Sea Eagles

    After teaching him at PHS I agree. Polite, friendly kid who loves everything Manly and just wants to play footy!
  2. MWSE

    Sironen Done Deal!

    Good signing. Will have a chip on his shoulder all year. Probably was too comfortable in the Tigers environment. Conditions are primed for him to have a break out season running off Green and DCE.
  3. MWSE

    The broncos got

    Thurston was actually below par all game until that last run. He didn't kick all night, and when he did it went dead. Took advantage of Third Man In's lack of pace on his outside shoulder though!
  4. MWSE

    Poor Match Fitness

    Agreed 100%. This guy should absolutely be the first bloke turfed. Get in someone with an ACTUAL track record of success with fitness. No more hyperbole. Please I beg you!
  5. MWSE


    Guarantee he will never make a miss like that again in his career in a critical moment. Can't have success without the hurdles to jump over first.
  6. MWSE

    Come in spinner.

    Hasler also had a tough run when he started coaching and people were saying exactly the same things about him.
  7. MWSE

    Api no look pass

    He started to make poor decisions in the latter stages of the second half. Fatigue must be a massive issue for him. Once Parcell is back it won't be as much of an issue.
  8. MWSE

    Stewart 'Rested'

    Tom T is having surgery on his ankle once the season is done.
  9. MWSE

    Bidding Wars and the rise in the cap

    Api is really growing into a decent running half. He deserves a shot for the rest of the year.
  10. MWSE


    DCE injured himself taking a hit up that a forward should have been digging deep to do. That speaks volume about how our forwards were going early in the season.
  11. MWSE

    Non-Manly Games [Round 5, 2016]

    Entertaining game to watch, only bettered by the right team taking home the biscuits. Gotta love watching Parra get burned at the death.
  12. MWSE

    Game Day: Manly V Sharks [Round 3, 2016]

    Best looking side we have trotted out so far all season. Also this may be the most talented side we have picked @:cool:
  13. MWSE

    Mateo - Hard Done By?

    Mateo has to be one of the unluckiest guys in NSW cup at the moment. Watching BJ offload to set up that try last night had me thinking of how perfect the reduced interchange is for Mateo. His offloads would help spark our attack. Yet he isn't even mentioned in terms of being considered for FG.
  14. MWSE

    Kerrod Holland

    better than the "full credit to the boys" BS that most players go on with. Keep it interesting! we need more characters, not more cliches.
  15. MWSE

    Non-Manly Games [Round 2, 2016]

    Refs were good last night I thought. Ill discipline from the Cows. Unbiased perspective on the Eels is that their defence has improved. Their forwards ran hard. Jennings has received so little ball yet it is incredible. Gutho is proving why he fell back in the pecking order, and Foz looked...
  16. MWSE

    Non-Manly Games [Round 2, 2016]

    Dogs look super fit. Only had used 3 interchange around the 60 minute mark. Leaves me wondering why Donny couldn't get that out of our boys the past couple of years. Panthers ran out of gas and players at the end. Good game to watch though. Soward, Mbye and Mansour were standouts IMO.
  17. MWSE

    Walker at 5/8 and positives

    If anything Walker needs to see more of the ball I think. DCE cramped him for space. Give him room to use his footwork and speed. Really pleased with is kicking game too. Showed a lot of promise and apart from the dropped ball had a good game.
  18. MWSE

    GAME DAY - Manly v Bulldogs [Round 1, 2016]

    Tapau needs to play as an edge back rower. Totally wasted in the middle.
  19. MWSE

    Team vs Ipswich

    how does our defence look? That is the real indicator for me!
  20. MWSE

    'Tunnel Ball' Targeted

    The whole Roosters team has to be the most consistent offenders in this area of the game. Consistently gets them quick play the balls
Team P W L PD Pts
12 9 3 83 22
14 10 4 78 22
13 9 4 110 20
13 8 5 66 20
13 7 6 81 18
13 7 6 -55 18
13 7 6 133 16
14 7 7 37 16
15 8 7 -8 16
13 7 6 -34 16
13 6 6 27 15
13 6 6 26 15
13 6 7 -47 14
13 4 9 -126 12
13 4 9 -111 10
12 3 9 -123 10
12 2 10 -137 8
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