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    Brookvale Centre of excellence

    They should have made some arrangements sell off squares of the old turf. There are plenty of die hard fans/supporters who would have loved to have some of the brookie turf in the front yard.
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    Queensland leaves the planet

    North of Sydney Bears
  3. S

    Club news

    Without buying into the discussion regarding passion or lack there of, it would be nice if you could include the membership numbers for all the teams, or at least all the Sydney teams.
  4. S

    Vlandy's adds new team

    Just relocate the Storms. Already throwing money away in a rusted on AFL state.
  5. S

    2pt field goal

    I'm not sure these rule changes would be driven by TV. The new rules reduce stoppages yet we are told that the value TV rights is less for NRL than AFL due to the reduced number of stoppages in league. By that logic the new rules will further reduce the value of NRL TV rights.
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    NRL Draw 2021

    It seems like we always play the broncos during the magic round as our home game. When do the Broncos get a home game during this round rather than an extra ‘home’ game? They end up with 13 games at home while the rest get 11 or 12 depending on whether they are the home or away team. Typically...
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    NRL Salary Cap Era

    The problem with TPAs is that they are organised by the clubs, despite the fact they are ‘arms length’. If the NRL enforced a rule that all TPAs are arranged or referred through them then that makes it more difficult for clubs to fort the system. The other thing to consider is, do the NRL want...
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    Warriors' 100k membership goal for 2021

    Does anyone know what memberships the NRL count in the official numbers? For instance, I have been a non-ticketed member for many years like many other here I’m sure. Are we counted in the official tally or are we essentially invisible to the league?
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    The book of Defence.

    It seems that the whole game is now geared to attack with defence an afterthought. If the NRL are going to continue with this they need to look at changing the kick off rule so that the scoring team kicks off to resume play. As it is now, with penalties & six again calls the defending team has...
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    6 again stats

    I have seen it called on a zero tackle, so absolutely no benefit but a number to help even the count.
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    ok - Whats a ball strip ??

    I think it was against Levi when they were bringing it out from their line. There didn’t seem to be much intent & was late in the tackle count.
  12. S

    Video ref: it's all or nothing

    Plus they can determine if a ball has been knocked forward or backwards from all sorts of odd angles. But adjudicate on a forward pass. Not possible.
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    AFB 2nd hit from NRL

    O Or drink drive.
  14. S

    RIP Don Furner

    I am glad I am not the only one who recalls the Rubbish about Bennett never losing a gf. We were the far better team on the day in 87, but switched off a bit in the second half. A trait that came back to bite us in 96.
  15. S

    RIP Don Furner

    So with Furner’s record you would assume it was his co-coach, Wayne Bennett’s fault they couldn’t win in 1987.
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    Roosters found a spare $$$...again

    Isn’t it illegal to entice someone to breach a contract? Not just in the NRL but in society in general?
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    Sea Eagles best last decade - pick your team

    Always brewing something.
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    Announcement Upgrade in place -> lots to do

    Is there any chance of the "Previous thread" & "Next thread" links being reactivated? I find they make it easier to move through the threads.
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    Brookie/Brooky/Lottoland from the Air

    For anyone watching Fox yesterday, how good did the packed ground look from the various aerial shots they showed. Daylight, twilight & under lights all looked sensational. I think there is an opportunity for the club if it was able to get some still shots to market, framed or unframed. Would...
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    Trbojevic Masterclass

    & GI was the first to throw the ball back over his head when going dead in goal. Killer rarely gets a mention for the same move done a season earlier.
Team P W L PD Pts
14 11 3 103 26
14 10 4 118 24
14 10 4 78 24
14 8 6 60 20
14 8 6 143 18
13 7 6 81 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
14 7 6 42 17
14 6 8 -55 16
14 6 7 13 15
14 4 10 -121 12
13 4 9 -126 12
13 3 10 -129 10
13 3 10 -131 10
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