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  1. Eagleheart

    All NRL Games [Round 9, 2024]

    Totally agree @niccipops, it has nothing to do with her being female. (As a country we do need to change the anti-female sentiments that plague the sporting world, the business world and so many other corners of our society.)
  2. Eagleheart

    Two in a row curse

    Spot on @Phobia, I mentioned something similar in the post game thread. We have very little desire (if any) as a team to win as a team and haven't for a long time. Winning in every area, (the basics, defence, attitude etc). We should have won tonight but we just lacked the desire to do so...
  3. Eagleheart

    Post-Game Discussion Manly V Raiders [Round 9, 2024]

    To say that was disappointing game is an understatement, I just cant fathom how a team can capitulate so badly. I honestly feel sick about how we played. Absolutely putrid defence, far too many basic handling errors, lack of discipline etc, etc. We are not performing as a cohesive well drilled...
  4. Eagleheart

    SOO INJURY CURSE STRIKES. Tom probably out for season. Is Manly’s NRL season toast?

    Absolutely spot on, I couldn't agree with you more.
  5. Eagleheart

    Josh Aloiai

    Aloiai needs to go, simple. Has he come from a culture of winning, does he know what winning takes? He is just here for a pay packet and puts himself ahead of the team.
  6. Eagleheart

    Post-Game Discussion Eels v Manly [Round 16, 2023]

    Well that was beyond disappointing. It actually hurt to watch this game initially but now I am just incredibly angry. What has happened to our club? Season after season, I have hope that maybe this year will be different. But it has not been different at all for a very long time. We are just...
  7. Eagleheart

    The NRL Conspiracy

    Does the NRL rig/fix games? Yes, they absolutely do.
  8. Eagleheart

    Other Games [Round 20, 2022]

    My thoughts exactly....!!
  9. Eagleheart

    Post-Game Discussion Titans v Manly [Round 15, 2021]

    Well done to the boys, that second half was incredible.
  10. Eagleheart

    Post-Game Discussion Titans v Manly [Round 15, 2021]

    Goodnight to you and goodnight to me...It's 4:24 am here in NY....!! :party::snooze:
  11. Eagleheart

    You Can't Ask That - ex footballers

    Title of article: "Willie Mason wants life bans for footy players with a history of violence against women." Reporter Nic Savage May 7, 2021 Further on in the article.... Mason also argued any players convicted of domestic violence should be banned from professional sport for life. “If you...
  12. Eagleheart

    Farewell to Igor the Eagle mascot

    Just wanted to thank Michael for the effort and time he put into being an awesome Igor. It is people like this that do the things that make our club (not franchise) great. This is the spirit of Manly. I remember being at a game vs worms and he and Ellie were really giving it to the worms...
  13. Eagleheart

    The Owners speak

    Hey, Parker is a Manly boy.....sure ok maybe I could have used different termology for him. Like Manly junior rather than talented. ;)
  14. Eagleheart

    Game Day: Manly v LG Titans [Round 23, 2018]

    AFB is in the bin now.....? Great, gets better and better...........not....!!
  15. Eagleheart

    Game Day: Manly v LG Titans [Round 23, 2018]

    Haha is this happening, really is it?? Sorry I have to laugh otherwise i will cry. Beyond disappointed now. Speechless.......
  16. Eagleheart

    Game Day: Manly v LG Titans [Round 23, 2018]

    Well, well, well what is this rubbish??
  17. Eagleheart

    The Owners speak

    Wow.... why did I read that. It has made me so incredibly angry. Honestly the Penn consortium have no idea of how to run a club and the comments made by the media spin doctor Zorba are truly unbelievabe. He is incredibly unprofessional and simply has no idea either. It is no secret that...
  18. Eagleheart

    SOO 3, 2018 - The Resurgence of DCE

    Because that is exactly what he is......a looser.......and a cheater. :rock:
  19. Eagleheart

    Cam Smith's "multiple threads- only one declared"

    Well said....!! Totally agree.
  20. Eagleheart

    Cam Smith's "multiple threads- only one declared"

    Could not agree more. Can’t stand him, he is a myth. Scam has always been a media darling, so he has been talked up so much and made to look better than what he actually is skill wise. He can kick some goals but seriously he is not that great. What he actually is though, is a dirty grub and a...
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14 10 4 118 24
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15 9 6 161 20
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14 7 7 63 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
13 7 6 -55 18
15 7 7 28 17
14 6 8 -55 16
15 6 8 -47 15
14 5 9 -112 14
14 4 10 -71 12
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