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  1. L

    Next weeks team?

    Turbo to 5/8 and Schoupp to the centres
  2. L

    Jamie Humphreys

    Maybe the club rates Tylor Bunting more highly than Humphreys in the 7, and given we have signed Simpkin both Humphreys first grade opportunities in the halves and hooker are blocked. I don't see this as a massive loss yes it is annoying that we won't get to see him flourish potentially in...
  3. L

    Nathan Brown Impact?

    I like how when he thinks there is a high tackle, or something has happened to one of our players he charges in ready to defend. Like when big Nelson nailed Hoppa Browny charged in ready to look after the young fella I like his passion I like his anger I like his niggle something we have lacked...
  4. L

    The Anthony Seibold Grievances MEGA THREAD

    Most of my comments after loses come after 12+ beers and sheer frustration at losing, I probs need to give it a day before posting
  5. L

    The Anthony Seibold Grievances MEGA THREAD

    Sacks Seibs hire Arthur
  6. L

    2025 recruitment & retention

    Bring in Arthur as an Assistant in a role the same as Flanno where we give him the blessings if a full-time gig comes along
  7. L

    Lehi Hopoate

    Hopefully they play him at fullback in his preferred position give the kid some confidence on debut.. I love a debut especially a local juniors debut
  8. L

    The Anthony Seibold Grievances MEGA THREAD

    Looking down the barrel of potentially 5 straight losses with Melbourne and panthers to come, can’t possibly be in a safe position Regardless of players out injured (broncos had a lot more out than us)
  9. L

    Nathan Brown Impact?

    I must admit mate that Aloiai has been much better the last few weeks he has been running much harder and breaking tackles rather than making contact and trying to get quick play the balls, his Defence has been good also with some nice low tackles that have been buckling opponents. Hopefully, he...
  10. L

    Pre-Game Manly V Raiders [Round 9, 2024]

    Is Burbo a chance at a return? I mean I wouldn't be rushing him back if he isn't 100% but that would solve a little bit of the problem.
  11. L

    Juniors Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know much about our Flegg boys? Who are the local juniors? Who are the recruits?
  12. L

    Nathan Brown Impact?

    Agree to disagree on this one mate, I'd happily be proven wrong over the next couple of weeks if Aloiai has an impact on the games... I think Lodge when fully fit plays 10 leaving Aloiai fighting for a bench spot dependent on form.
  13. L

    Nathan Brown Impact?

    He isn’t one of our better forwards in my opinion, he has done nothing.
  14. L

    Pre-Game Manly v Panthers [Round 5, 2024]

    Watched every game mate and can’t say Aloiai has stood out at all, whats he offer? He has had 3 tackles breaks all year 0 offloads and missed 5 tackles.. I think we would be better off without him. (Jake’s stats are way worse) I do agree with you about Brbo I don’t think he has grasped his...
  15. L

    Nathan Brown Impact?

    I’m liking Browns impact and intent to run hard, we are let down by slow players like Jake and Aloiai… Sipley bent the line a little but didn’t play enough minutes. I think Jake should go to prop Brown to lock, Bully onto the bench and Aloiai to Blacktown. Ideally we need a player like Kobe...
  16. L

    Pre-Game Manly v Panthers [Round 5, 2024]

    Would be nice if Lodge was fit for this game, drop Aloiai to cup start Toff and have Lodge come off the bench… I have no idea why Aloiai continually gets a walk up start it’s frustrating he offers us nothing
  17. L

    Coach Seibold thoughts so far.... so good

    I don’t think I would care if Seibs was shown the door he speaks like a politician promises a lot but delivers nothing
  18. L

    Post-Game Discussion Dragons v Manly [Round 4, 2024]

    Only round 4 and I’ve turned it off with 10 to go, dog **** performance
  19. L

    Pre-Game Dragons v Manly [Round 4, 2024]

    I thought the same thing I was screaming at the TV for a quick play the ball, I was more so mentioning it in general that he is only good for the occasional quick play the ball otherwise he is fairly useless in my eyes. I still don't remember one game out of the 50 Aloiai has played that stands...
  20. L

    Pre-Game Dragons v Manly [Round 4, 2024]

    Toff has more ability to break a tackle and run for 100+ meters. Aloiai doesn't offer much other than maybe a quick play the ball. I'm looking forward to Lodge returning I think he adds more to our pack with some size and aggression
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16 13 3 125 32
16 11 5 116 28
17 11 6 225 26
17 11 6 125 26
16 9 7 65 24
16 9 7 48 24
17 9 8 1 22
17 9 8 -56 22
16 8 7 29 21
16 8 8 -43 20
16 7 9 -93 20
17 7 9 -32 19
17 7 10 9 18
16 6 10 -59 18
16 6 10 -104 18
17 4 13 -153 12
17 4 13 -203 12
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