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  1. J

    Pre-Game Souths V Manly [Round 16, 2024]

    If you compare the respective spines you can understand why, even if Humphreys is a late switch for Lawton.
  2. J

    Women's Origin game 2

    The only reason NSW started laying on the player because they could see Sharpe refused to penalise QLD. Yet somehow the only inside the 10 penalty she could find in the second half was to QLD, which lead to their try. Of course it has to go to a decider in the first ever 3 match series when the...
  3. J

    Women's Origin game 2

    The referee has been pathetic; how did the woman who pulled the players hair not go to the bin? Let alone the blatant flops and holding down by QLD.
  4. J


    If that were true it says more about performances of the rest of the team. I’d love to know what Ennis is doing, because I don’t see any improvement in our dummy half creativity from any of the hookers we’ve tried.
  5. J

    Kaeo Weekes

    Don’t think winning 1 premiership with a star studded Roosters team over 20 years ago qualifies as a great coach. Aside from the year Canberra was unlucky a few years ago, his other teams like Parra and Cronulla didn’t threaten.
  6. J

    Turbos D looks down on past?

    I was at Brookvale the day we played Parra in 83 and we were soundly beaten in the battle of the top 2 teams. Gibbsy played reserve grade that day and had a blinder but still couldn’t crack a spot back in first grade before he chose to retire. He was my favourite player growing up, had lightning...
  7. J

    Annesley's weakly "Why this happened" report - 2024 edition.

    I listened to Annesley trying to justify the non awarding of the penalty try to the Warriors when DWZ was taken in mid air then dropped the ball as he tried to put it over the try line. As if the try wouldn’t have been scored without the illegal tackle, let alone no sin bin for a professional...
  8. J

    Post-Game Discussion Warriors V Manly [Round 6, 2024]

    Just because he doesn’t miss a tackle doesn’t mean he’s not a weak link in defence. He is too slow around the ruck.. we should have had our starting props on at that point.
  9. J

    All Games [Round 6, 2024]

    I agree. They should be called for 6 again every 2nd tackle, especially Harry Grant. Roosters the same last night and the ref was oblivious.
  10. J

    Game Day: Manly v Panthers [Round 5, 2024]

    It only looked like it went backwards because Talau moved past it; that’s a knock on every day of the week and we’d be blowing up big time if that went against us.
  11. J

    Refs' managing games:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the NRL prefers certain teams at the top of the table ( Penrith and Parra to keep AFL at bay in the west, Souths, Roosters, Brisbane and Melbourne due to membership numbers and tv rights. Teams like Manly and Tigers need to become a feel good story like we did...
  12. J

    The Daly Cherrygraph

    I’ve said it in previous years, but we will not win another premiership while DCE is there. I know we got rorted by the officials today, but his leadership was sorely lacking when required. Too many times he takes the wrong option at crucial times, and our defence on his side of the field is...
  13. J

    Other Games [Round 3, 2024]

    I think that’s a fair call to put the onus on the tackler. There was no attempt to make a normal tackle, and it’s the second week in a row where Penrith have hit a player in the head causing a massive reshuffle to the opposition backline. We have seen the use of the head as a weapon in defence a...
  14. J

    MVP: Rd1 v Souths

    No one is suggesting DCE has to be flawless, but it’s not the first time he has made these clangers; the night we lost to the Cowboys at home when he lost the ball at the scrum base in the final few minutes. What irks me most is he never does these things when he is playing for QLD. For someone...
  15. J

    Game Day: Manly v Rabbitohs [Round 1, 2024]

    Why do our wingers always come in?
  16. J

    Grand Final 2023 - arrogant P's v flashy B's

    Penrith definitely robbed; referee was biased in making his try or no try decisions and bunker went out of their way to say insufficient evidence to overturn. There was no way Wigan scored that try in the second half which was the difference, let alone the last gasp try by Penrith which could...
  17. J

    Trial V Roosters

    So we get rid of Tuipolotou who kept rushing in off his wing and replace him with Paulo who does the same.
  18. J

    Trial V Roosters

    Except Brown had no impact in the kick chaser. Once again no idea in using common sense to implement the new rule
  19. J

    Cross-Forum-Discussion Round 23 2023 Cross Forum Chat

    That’s 3 tries all from forward passes.
  20. J

    MVP: Rd 23 v Roosters

    3 Ola 2 Vaega 1 Sipley I am a Schuster fan, but aside from his 2 kicks, he was woeful. We are fortunate that there are teams like Tigers, Bulldogs and Dragons that are marginally worse, or we would be in line for our first wooden spoon. Shudder to think what Panthers and Warriors will do to us...
Team P W L PD Pts
16 13 3 125 32
16 11 5 116 28
17 11 6 225 26
17 11 6 125 26
16 9 7 65 24
16 9 7 48 24
17 9 8 1 22
17 9 8 -56 22
16 8 7 29 21
16 8 8 -43 20
16 7 9 -93 20
17 7 9 -32 19
17 7 10 9 18
16 6 10 -59 18
16 6 10 -104 18
17 4 13 -153 12
17 4 13 -203 12
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