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  1. G

    Post-Game Discussion Eels v Manly [Round 16, 2023]

    Dropped a ball/missed a tackle/gave away a penalty, any one or all three in a row, the maggots score. Rinse and repeat. How Gutherson wasn't sinbinned for clattering into one of the forward's legs while threeothers were holdinghim up, third/fourth man in early in the match is a complete and...
  2. G

    2nd Team

    Long story but those two are my 2nds. Far q nuffs tell me I can't. :cool:
  3. G

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Dolphins [Round 15, 2023]

    Built off a great effort by the forwards, the halves ran hard to the line and released the ball to the centres fast. Big improvement.
  4. G

    State of Origin 2023

    Freaking annoying to watch one team constantly slip over. Maybe Freddy could have used his half time address to suggest long stops?
  5. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    Might be unlucky with the penalties, some terrible defence, and some dodgy decisions for some dodgy tries, but facts are we've made too many handling errors to win this.
  6. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    Set restart extravaganza. But not for us.
  7. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    Reckon we just need a half to launch our big boppers up the guts. Johns lacks the timing, so lets try Arthur
  8. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    Sook-castle hounding the ref at half time. Reckon we might get a lift from the ref next half.
  9. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    Commentary refusing to see Johns weak tackle attempt, and focusing in on Koula alone.
  10. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    Haha forward pass. Suck **** you utter flog.
  11. G

    Game Day: Knights v Manly [Round 13, 2023]

    That mofo hooker for the Knights has his arms out flapping like a seagull, sooking for a penalty, every freaking tackle.
  12. G

    Game Day: Raiders v Manly [Round 12, 2023]

    Hopefully we have picked a fully fit squad. Been destroyed all year by picking half fit players.
  13. G

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Sharks [Round 11, 2023]

    First half was like watching the years of Qld dominate NSW in SOO where the QLD defence always moved up fast, and the NSW defence always moved up slow. We we were gifting them 15-20m every tackle, letting their play makers do what ever they liked. While we were continually trapped in our own...
  14. G

    Post-Game Discussion Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    If they had the strain I had, I am not surprised in the slightest they under performed.
  15. G

    Game Day: Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    Woods to stand tall like a pylon against the withering on rush, before the imperious dish-off to DCE, to Johns puts The Almighty Haumole Ola 'Kalatu through at the hapless Bwonco, to be pile-driven, toe-jammed into the saintly Brooky turf , then the hand-off to the steaming Koula, dodging...
  16. G

    Game Day: Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    I'm backing young Johns, whipping boy extraordinaire to star and shove it up all the doubters.
  17. G

    Game Day: Manly v Broncos [Round 10, 2023]

    That you need to get plastered?
Team P W L PD Pts
16 13 3 125 32
17 11 6 125 28
16 11 5 116 28
17 11 6 225 26
16 9 7 65 24
16 9 7 48 24
17 9 8 -56 24
17 9 7 67 23
17 9 8 1 22
17 8 9 -91 22
17 8 9 -81 20
18 7 10 -34 19
17 7 10 9 18
16 6 10 -59 18
16 6 10 -104 18
17 4 13 -153 14
17 4 13 -203 12
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