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    Next weeks team?

    Forwards Unavailable Croker - Injured Paseka - Injured Sipley - Injured Waddell - Injured Lodge - Injured Matterson - Injured Woods - Injured Sykes - Injured Aloiai - Suspended (very unlucky with the Warriors suspension with Shaun Johnson winning an Oscar, but how utterly foolish and costly is...
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    Paseka injury... why is there crickets on what Sharks did to him?

    And you can bet if it was a big name like Mitchell or Cleary would have been hell to pay.
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    Paseka injury... why is there crickets on what Sharks did to him?

    Couple of defenders held Paseka while another grabbed his leg and cork screwed it sideways. Result: instead MCL damage, out for the season. How was that legal??? Why has there been zero discussion on it, or are we now only policing hip drops???
  4. L

    Pre-Game Sharks v Manly [Round 21, 2023]

    In no particular order.... 1. Jake back to no. 10, early hit ups and defence only, NO 2ND RECEIVER BALL PLAYING STIFLING THE ATTACK 2. Schuster to study Foran videos and start running hard at the line, NO STUPID POINTLESS NO LOOK PASSES 3. Starting pack: 8 Paseka 9 Croker, 10 Jake, 11 Ola, 12...
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    Message for Tony Mestrov re Flanagan

    Another losing performance highlighting the insanity that our assistant coach is also the head coach of a rival club who are in utter turmoil. He's even having a crisis meeting with Hunt tomorrow FFS. Oh and of course also getting paid to call games at Fox. Someone explain to me how he can...
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    Message for Tony Mestrov re Flanagan

    The Roosters regretted it, hence Ryles exit. Oh and btw Fitzgibbon wasn't making a 3rd income calling games on Fox.
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    Message for Tony Mestrov re Flanagan

    It's preposterous to think Flanagan can stay at Brookie when he's now the incoming coach of another club. Tony Mestrov, the conflict of interest is jarringly obvious, please move on this for all parties sakes. If it's good enough for Roosters with Ryles, why isn't it for us?
  8. L

    Siebold bench selection - please explain

    As soon as we all saw our bench had 4 big forwards and no Weekes (or any other utility ) we all feared the same thing. What if the clearly struggling Turbo breaks down mid game? What if the clearly struggling Schuster breaks down mid game? What if god forbid another back is injured mid game...
  9. L

    Aloiai - one job please

    Since when has Aloiai been appointed the team spokesman? Please, someone tell him his one job is to play football, and let the captain and coach do the talking.
  10. L

    Does anyone else think this was a bad look on Sat post game?

    FFS can everyone settle down... 1. I said many around me at ground commented it looked and felt weird 2. I was just asking what others thought on forum, not ramming any opinions Moving on
  11. L

    Does anyone else think this was a bad look on Sat post game?

    For the record I was there, and lots of others around me were commenting on it... just didn't feel right at the time being more concerned about his son than celebrating with the guys he coaches... but if you all think it's no big deal then fine with me... was just a question
  12. L

    Does anyone else think this was a bad look on Sat post game?

    Yes I know it's his son, and the game was over, but surely if you are employed as assistant coach at Manly you'd leave this chat to when you get home?
  13. L

    Brown-Harper player swap

    Trying again as my previous post was deleted for some reason, (be good if it was explained why). The point of my post is that the SMH are reporting the club is interested in a player swap of Parra's Nathan Brown for Morgan Harper, and the fact I don't understand why we would contemplate this...
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    Morgan Harper

    Someone please explain the maths to management... Centre depth: Koula Parker Harper Back row depth: Jake Turbo Olakau-atu Tuilagi Lawton Bullemor Fulton Fainu (next big thing) Fifita (next big thing) Ben Turbo Why would we want to swap Harper for Nathan Brown who is being let go at Parra???
  15. L

    Trials team/squad announced - Sipley what's doing??

    Can someone please explain why Toff Sipley - who IMO is a better player than error-athon Keppie, gets lumped with the reggies? (and yes I know he's capt but that's not an excuse)
  16. L

    Pre-Game Bulldogs v Manly [Round 25, 2022]

    Why are Aloiai and Harper out if not injured?
  17. L

    Last team of the year guess thread

    Does anyone know why Aloiai is out?
  18. L

    Des' selection stubbornness is bordering infuriating

    We are gone from the finals and missing 5 huge players (Turbo, Jurbo, Saab, Keppie, Paseka) so we have NOTHING to lose, yet Des STILL refuses to try any of the young reserves. Seriously what's the point in Croker being made to batter himself for another 80 mins, if we can't use these last 3...
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    Poll added - Sea Eagles Everyone in League jersey

    A team filled with Islander boys whose religious beliefs - regardless of whether right or wrong - are very well known. But NOBODY thought to check with them before trumpeting a gay pride jersey? Seriously? Didn't once enter the thought process? That takes the cake for the dumbest piece of...
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    No ticker

    Our forwards/bench: Aloioa 7 runs Croker 1 run Keppie 4 runs Olakau-atu 8 runs Bullemor 3 runs Jake 7 runs Walker 6 runs Davey 3 runs Taupau 7 runs Sipley 3 runs Not one of them over 100m, in fact only Ola in the 80's. Yes we only had 40% possession but these numbers are beyond appalling. By...
Team P W L PD Pts
16 13 3 125 32
17 11 6 125 28
16 11 5 116 28
17 11 6 225 26
16 9 7 65 24
16 9 7 48 24
17 9 8 -56 24
17 9 7 67 23
17 9 8 1 22
17 8 9 -91 22
17 8 9 -81 20
18 7 10 -34 19
17 7 10 9 18
16 6 10 -59 18
16 6 10 -104 18
17 4 13 -153 14
17 4 13 -203 12
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