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Brett Stewart not named

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by panash, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. panash

    panash Well-Known Member

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    In the team list today Brett stewart isn't named , though Glenn is .
    Is his injury that bad ???
    If he doesn't play that's a big loss !!
  2. EagleRock40

    EagleRock40 Well-Known Member

    Tooves has just said that Brett will not be a late inclusion and Gift is in doubt -
  3. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

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    Apparently there's something In RLW about Manlys fears over re-signing Brett.

    Haven't got it yet anyone else read this.
  4. bones

    bones Bones Knows

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    Lol at the thread title.
  5. Napper

    Napper Well-Known Member

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    Hahahaha. Its funny. I thought i was the only person that found it funny.
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    • Crusher_Cleal

      Crusher_Cleal Well-Known Member

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      This is bad. Very bad. But if he's right long-term, I'm ok with that.
    • Napper

      Napper Well-Known Member

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      What are they fearing? Not losing. He must be signed.
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      • Dan79

        Dan79 Active Member

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        I am so glad we got a new thread with this breaking news!

        I hear Tony Williams is leaving at the end of the year to join the bulldogs. Anyone heard anything? Thinking of starting a new thread...
      • Eagles2nv

        Eagles2nv Sea you in the finals 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Judging by the context of the report in the telecrap, he is not quite ready and 2v isn't willing to risk him. I assume by this it won't be another k foz hammy saga
      • bones

        bones Bones Knows

        +9,036 /102

        I found it piss funny :p
        It's by The Mole.

        Risk V Reward

        Brett Stewart is close to agreeing to a new deal at Manly - but the massive four year contract he is set to sign has some within the club worried. Stewart will be 31 when the contract ends and his battles with injury have officials concerned at the wisdom of spending a massive chunk of their salary cap on the number 1. Stewart missed last Saturday's loss to the Knights through injury and needs to stay healthy to give value for money.

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