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Brett Stewarts 1 year Extension

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Dinga, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Dinga

    Dinga Active Member

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    Channel 9 just announced the Prince of Brooky has extended his contract up until the end of the 2017 season. Great news young Tom T can learn off the best and officially take over in 2018...
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    • niccipops

      niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      A trillion likes if true. The Snake is rare. Young Tom.T, a perfect apprentice.
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      • Loobs

        Loobs I am not really Scott Penn Premium Member

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        Geez he must really hate DCE. Wants to hang around just to make his life hell!
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        • Steve76

          Steve76 Active Member

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          Over the hill. Waste of money
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          • Shoe1

            Shoe1 Well-Known Member

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            I feel like this was known about 6 or 8 weeks ago, hell it has even been in the paper.. Ridiculous timing for the "official" announcement. Why is this being shoveled out on Geoff's night?? Ffs

            This season needs a bullet. Deep breath. See you all next year.
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            • skull61

              skull61 Active Member

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              Geez couple of years ago snake would have got RTS but sadly not now
            • Brothers manly

              Brothers manly Active Member

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              Hate to say it but doesn't seem to be that interested in games.
              Promote Jake T and Gutho......Hiku is a better fullback than winger.
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              • HoldenV8

                HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

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                Anything the Penn's can do to rain on the Toovey parade, they're doing it.
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                • Robeagle

                  Robeagle Active Member

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                  Hulu is not a first grader let des have him
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                  • Nordburg

                    Nordburg Well-Known Member

                    +1,172 /86
                    All these supporters getting excited yet can't see the future,much like those that spat it over GStewarts departure. Minimum 2 yrs before TomT is regular FB,Gutherson still there and Hiku.One of them will leave and watch the morons go WHY didn't we keep him?Because we signed a 30+ yr old.Take the Wests Tigers lead
                  • God

                    God Well-Known Member

                    +424 /10
                    Should have been put out to pasture last year, no impact running the ball back whatsoever causes disharmony in the team, and the sweep plays seen it's day. Still think him playing injured in the GF against the roosters on one leg was dumb and cost us the game.
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                    • sheridanstand78

                      sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

                      +3,596 /53
                      This is good news for our club as Snake and Tom Turbo will be playing in the same team and Snake can teach the boy the ropes, it will be similar to what the chooks did with Minicello and Tuivasa Sheck.
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                      • PONTIAN SEA EAGLE

                        PONTIAN SEA EAGLE Well-Known Member

                        +1,192 /93
                        I can't make of snake the last few weeks his been in his scoring mood.But there are other days where he looks just to casual whether it being in kick returns,taking bombs,taking an eternity to go back & pick up balls.I hope him being there doesn't make tom t eventually leave the club.
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                        • bones

                          bones Bones Knows

                          +9,036 /102
                          Snake and Matty Ballin both signing contract extensions in the one year. What a great year it has been. Well done Penn.
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                          • XV-1

                            XV-1 Well-Known Member

                            +629 /78
                            I really don't think this is a good example at all.

                            Mini stayed one year too many. Tuivasa Sheck's form this year has clearly shown that and he is leaving the Roosters.
                          • Terry Zarsoff

                            Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

                            +4,409 /81
                            Stewart's form and seeming lack of interest last night, coupled with his statement that he wanted to go around again post-2017, doesn't bode well. I can see another ZtH-infused crisis brewing in a season or two.

                            Memo Brett Stewart: we have two very capable replacements in the wings, we don't need you post-2017. And I'm not including Hiku in that estimation.

                            ZtH was at it again in the MD this morning. Laying the boot in over the loss of three of his 'knitting circle' friends to other clubs.
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                              Last edited: Aug 29, 2015
                            • Loobs

                              Loobs I am not really Scott Penn Premium Member

                              +7,602 /280
                              Yeah he just needs to be a placeholder for a couple more years then go to the UK. Tom Turbo has shown plenty this year but also needs to fill out a little. Gutho is coming back from a serious knee injury.

                              I'm interested in seeing how he goes post Toovey as I don't think a few of these guys put in like they should have. Hopefully post clean out they have a new lease of life. Stewart has shown this year is attack is still up to it when he's switched on and his defence at the back is still rock solid. I'm expecting a highly motivated and united team next year.
                            • Simonmyers11

                              Simonmyers11 Well-Known Member

                              +2,467 /114
                              Love brett and wouls rhink this would be ideal if we didn't have a brilliant full back who will be ready to step up by 2017. Rather use the 600k on quality forward or a centre like whare or roberts.
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                              • jbb/james

                                jbb/james Well-Known Member Premium Member

                                +1,007 /28
                                Its a strange dilema. He is skilful, he has a try scoring knack and at times is as good as anyone. But its not all roses. Apart from looking dis interested at times, his attitude with the ball is killing us. The constant tap ons, shuttles and balls to players in a worse position is a concern. And to be honest quite often it looks as though he does it to avoid being caught with the ball and tackled rather than opening something up.

                                Manly dont respect the footy, and thats not all bretts fault, its a team attitude but he is a seriel offender. We can not cut it with the bigger packs on a consistent basis so we have to be smarter with posession, and quit being so cavalier

                                He was nailed early in a backline move against canberra and it rocked him. Once smashed he retreats from a game. He has been a champion so i dont like bagging the guy but i dont think i would have extended his contract

                                2 more years, probably a robbie farrah moment in the future
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                                • Loobs

                                  Loobs I am not really Scott Penn Premium Member

                                  +7,602 /280
                                  I'm hoping he's had his Farrah moment. I think no more Tooves will give a couple of people a fresh start.

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