Post-Game Discussion Dolphins V Manly [Round 10, 2024]

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Game Information

Sea Eagles
30 Suncorp Stadium
09 May 2024 19:50
80:00 minute

Match Stats


It's not a lie, if you believe it.
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Looks like Tom and Saab are gone for extended periods.

Koula needs to go to 1 and Garrick to 5. We now need TWO new centres. Parker might be set for a return.

Is there anyone else in Reggies ?

Bloody hell I hate losing but we're doing it in a whole new way. Just infuriating because we could have won both the last two without too much trouble but we threw them both away.


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If we want to win a premiership through 2005 Tigers attack, we won't be doing it without Turbo. I don't know if Seibold, and more importantly our defensive "coach" Jim Dymock (who was once the Titans defensive coach, smh), are able to reorient the team in a defensive direction. I don't think they are capable of it.

The season is pretty much over at this point. These are the games we should be winning, and now Turbo is gone again. We need to rebuild for next year. Go after Bennett, he hasn't been signed yet lol.

More Koula at FB might be the only saving grace of our season.


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Maybe just forfeit…..


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Stepping back.

We lost by 6 to the team coming fourth with plenty of injuries in the game.

Extremely bad period before half time. Can't keep doing that.

Other than that, we were better.

Can we fix that? Doesn't seem impossible. I hope so.

If turbo is out for a long time though ... ouch.


DCE has been horrid. Tom T and Saab out but both didn’t look they cared anyway when on the field. If Seibs can’t get this team to fire by the end of the year (which I doubt he can) he has to go.


And there I was saying we won't win another comp in my lifetime, I probably should correct that to another game, embarrassingly incompetent is too big a rap for these logs, just an awful footy side 😡😡😡
Comitting the same mistakes for one 2 games yer sure ok i understand but its now 8-9 games in and were still doing the same dumb things talk about the definition of insanity mate 🤦🤦

Eagle 1

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Turning point, DeKlien awarding the penalty for a accidental knees in the tackle by AoA. Not on report but a penalty. AoA was already on the ground when the Phin's player slid into AoA legs.. What utter BS..


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How does a team constantly get up by so many points only to lose so often.
Seibold footy, if they are dead set they should tell his management we have another year on your contract we’ll see how you go this season. But he’ll use the loss of Turbo as an excuse


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@stoodamire :
You said: Turn it up. Bromwich, Nicholls and Kaufusi are far from fast, mobile and agile pack.
We massacred Roosters and Panthers pack. But don't let facts get in the way of your agenda.

@effnic liked your comment
@Waz13 said it was a winner
@Eagle 1 said it was a winner
@Sheikheagle agreed with your comment

Mate, you and I agreed to talk after the game, to see if what I suggested (i.e. poor defense, lack of mobility, abundance of injury prone players, record at Suncorp etc etc etc was an agenda, or possibly realism. It doesn't please me at ALL that I was spot on, to the tee, in every aspect.

30 points pumped past us. Soft underbelly and poor game management glaringly abundant.

I'm not asking for an argument or fight with you. We BOTH agreed to revisit this. I just wonder if after watching things pan out just as I said they might, you'd revisit your comments to me (or any of the other posters who added their support)?

I DO notice that one poster who claimed your post was a winner for example, is now agreeing with people saying "season over". Funny how these things go.

EDIT: For the record, I didn't actually watch the game. I'm playing dungeons and dragons with my mates, I've just watched the NRL game updates, so I MAY actually be off.


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Turning point, DeKlien awarding the penalty for a accidental knees in the tackle by AoA. Not on report but a penalty. AoA was already on the ground when the Phin's player slid into AoA legs.. What utter BS..

No the turning point was us getting the penalty from the bunker for the face slap on Tom the dolphins were coming for us at that stage we were lucky that challenge gave us field position.

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