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Winging it
I watched the Steelers until they got to 38 pts just into the 3Q and pulled everyone off. Packers was an ordinary game but their D was pretty good. Fortunately their kicker kept it away from Hester.

So GB go to Phillie Jan 9. Could be a low scorer.
Colts v Steelers would be terrific if it comes about.


Saturday, January 8

NFC: 4:30 PM (ET) New Orleans at St. Louis/Seattle (NBC-TV)
AFC: 8:00 PM (ET) New York Jets at Indianapolis (NBC-TV)

Sunday, January 9

AFC: 1:00 PM (ET) Baltimore at Kansas City (CBS-TV)
NFC: 4:30 PM (ET) Green Bay at Philadelphia (FOX-TV)


Saturday, January 15

AFC: 4:30 PM (ET) Indianapolis or Kansas City or Baltimore at Pittsburgh (CBS-TV)
NFC: 8:00 PM (ET) St. Louis/Seattle or New Orleans or Green Bay at Atlanta (FOX-TV)

Sunday, January 16

NFC: 1:00 PM (ET) Philadelphia or St. Louis/Seattle or New Orleans at Chicago (FOX-TV)
AFC: 4:30 PM (ET) Kansas City or Baltimore or New York Jets at New England (CBS-TV)


I think that Jets vs Colts will be a tight game. Could go entirely on how Peyton feels like playing, he has been very average this year though. Jets will probably win it on the back of their defence in spite of Sanchez being an overrated scrub.

Can't see Baltimore falling to the Chiefs, Chiefs aren't a playoff team IMO. Schedule was one of the easiest in the league & they still only just scraped in. Good skill players but they've still got a while to go yet till they are legit contenders (Which I believe is what the Ravens are).

Saints v Seahawks is a given, no way the Seahawks win this one. Having said that, the Seahawks will probably win by 40 now. Interesting thing as well, Seahawks are the first team in the history of the NFL to make the playoffs with a losing record. Not the kind of milestone you want to hold.

Philly & the Pack should be an interesting game but I can't see Philly winning unfortunately. We really needed the bye or the Giants, Pack are our danger team in the conference. With the state our D is in Rodgers should have no problems putting up points & I'll be suprised if they don't break 30. Plus they have Clay Matthews who will live in our backfield, the only man we have that can block him consistantly is Jason Peters & Dom Capers is too smart of a co-ordinator to let that happen much.

One of two things win it for the Eagles, either superior coaching/Mike McCarthy's inability to coach or Vick putting on an MVP performance like he did in Rnd 1 against the Pack. With his current form we'll be slaughtered though because Tramon Williams & Charles Woodson are playing leagues ahead of the corners he's been facing recently (& throwing easy picks to).

Interesting bit of playoff trivia for you, the Chargers are the only team in the history of the NFL to finish the regular season as the #1 ranked team in offence & defence yet fail to make the playoffs, tough break.


Winging it
Wolfpack link said:
Interesting bit of playoff trivia for you, the Chargers are the only team in the history of the NFL to finish the regular season as the #1 ranked team in offence & defence yet fail to make the playoffs, tough break.

Tell me about it! Consistency has been their problem, same as the last few years. Hard to take when you see the Seahawk's year and they are there. Final game against the Rams was a fizzer. Anyway, good luck to the Chiefs.

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