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please....are we in a slump or are we foxing?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by bazeagle, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. bazeagle

    bazeagle Well-Known Member

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    I prefer to think we are biding our time and not overstretching the players and team coming into the finals. of course this could be full bollocks and it may be that there really is disharmony amongst the team and coach and if that's the case we are in deep trouble and clearly we are in a slump. it's starting to worry me.......
  2. Av8r

    Av8r Active Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Yes, damn this first position on the ladder!
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    • Chip and Chase

      Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      We've gone off the boil a little that's for sure. But if we keep winning that's all that matters in the short term. We haven't had our strongest 17 on the park for a while either, which does make a bit of a difference.

      The upside is that we will definitely make the finals and we should finish top 4 barring some disaster. That's when the real game begins, and we all know that we have the cattle to go the distance. I feel OK knowing we have another gear or two to call on come finals time.
    • Supernintendo Chalmers

      Supernintendo Chalmers Well-Known Member

      +516 /6
      these are the weeks to keep the tricks in the bag, and i think that's exactly what's been doing. Guns been in the holster for a few weeks now. 4-5 game win streaks are about the most teams are able to pull off these days, so going on one now and your form peaking isn't all that ideal. July was the 'tough it out and prove you've got it' time, August is the 'do what you have to do without showing your cards' period and september / october is foot on the gas baby. As long as we aren't hit with any major injuries now i think we'll turn it right on once regular season ends.
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      • Snake

        Snake Doing The Eagle Rock!

        +3,135 /159
        Personally, I think our squad has had one on the finals all year. We made it to the big one last season and I think psychologically our players have been "doing enough" to get through the round games with one eye on writing the wrongs of 2013. The fact that we are two points clear at the top of ladder with three rounds remaining having yet to really hit top gear is remarkable.

        I can think of so many games this year where we have "just done enough" to win;


        whilst barely breaking a sweat in thrashings of the Sharks, Tigers, and Raiders. Then when we've had to step it up a notch against quality opposition, we've knocked off the Dogs, Souths, and twice beaten the Roosters.

        This side is yet to hit top gear, and yet to field a healthy squad. We should have Gifty and Lui back for finals, with the remainder of the squad all looking pretty fresh. We are as well placed as we could possibly hope to be at this stage of the season. Our goal line defence and line speed will get us home in September.
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        • The Who

          The Who Well-Known Member

          Mona Vale
          +5,596 /113
          Are Souffs on a hot trot or have they peaked too soon?
        • Snake

          Snake Doing The Eagle Rock!

          +3,135 /159
          I don't really adhere to the philosophy of peaking too soon. They have all the ingredients to win the premiership and if they turn up with the right attitude in September they'll take some beating. The onus is on Manly to take it to them. If we can get in arm wrestle with them, I'll back us all the way; that's where quality halves come into the equation.
        • Stevo

          Stevo Well-Known Member

          +1,388 /56
          Do professional sporting clubs really gamble with competition points?

          Isn't that Kind of in the same boat as match fixing?
        • sheridanstand78

          sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

          +3,589 /53
          Top 4 is done, now its about staying as healthy as we can.

          I think Toovey will want to see a continuation of the solid defence and resilience we have shown.

          Our attack will get better once we have guys back in their positions. The thing we need to improve on is our discipine, last month, too many errors with the ball and too many penalties conceeded.

          Otherwise we are in a crisis as top of the league.

          Let the Vermin and the Rorters get all the press, just fly under the radar, thats what we do well.
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          • mosto

            mosto Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +1,101 /11
            Can they play the sort of football they have for the last month for another 6 weeks...pretty hard to maintain that intensity, physically and mentally, for that amount of time.
          • COMMANDER


            Just hope we have several gears to go up, we will need them.
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            • torana355

              torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

              +1,564 /28
              We all know our team can go up a gear in the big games, the worry is the way we played in the Souths game as im sure that would have been an important game to the players. Personally i think we are lacking in the Forwards, multiple teams have shown the blueprint on how to beat us this year. I guess we will find out come finals time if our forwards can step it up.
            • Killer03

              Killer03 Well-Known Member

              +2,997 /31
              Not in a slump, just not playing great. But importantly winning whilst not really gelling in attack.

              I said in another thread, we will hit our straps in a game in the next couple of weeks, and positively blow a side away.....then it's game on. Killer, Snake, Foz etc will then be thinking of keeping that high for a couple of weeks!!
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              • Snake

                Snake Doing The Eagle Rock!

                +3,135 /159
                The Roosters were thrashing all comers leading into round 24 last year, when they dropped two games, before steering the teetering ship in round 26, after which they didn't lose a game, so who knows, you could be right. I just know that they will be a formidable opponent come September regardless of whether they have peaked early or not.
              • voicefromthehill

                voicefromthehill Well-Known Member Premium Member

                +1,299 /11
                Manly did in '08 (after a touch up at the hands of the Bunnies)
              • Snake

                Snake Doing The Eagle Rock!

                +3,135 /159
                the one constant throughout time (more reliable than any statistic) is anything can happen in September.
              • Pepi

                Pepi Well-Known Member

                +419 /27
                Last year Roosters got buttraped by the sharks pack a month out from the final then lost the next week as well.. Short memories.
              • The Eagle Has Landed

                The Eagle Has Landed Well-Known Member

                +450 /8
                Manly used to be a team that terrorised opposing forwards and belt them into submission. Unfortunately teams with big mobile forward packs do that to us now. We need a couple of big boppers losing Kite,Gulovau,Fa'aoso and Rose is really hurting us.
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                • Technical Coach

                  Technical Coach Well-Known Member

                  +898 /47
                  Some coaches raise the intensity of training around 4-6 weeks from the end of the season for a short period allowing a taper off period a few weeks before semi's so this might be a reason along with obviously the flu.

                  Not convinced that is all the reason and still feel our forwards are lacking but I'm confident the intensity levels will rise during the first Semi---Manly always go up a notch.
                • 6/71

                  6/71 Well-Known Member

                  +207 /3

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