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I saw Koula having a cracker of a game in both attack and defence ... but some traffic through Tui, notably Sivo doing a Talaki on Harper - esque performance.

Can someone smarter than me tell me what was going on? I noticed a few times Koula hit his man only for Sivo to go over unmarked?
Tui is becoming a 2020 Jorge Taufua type liability where teams are going to target him constantly. High ball, goal line defence, it's all very dodgy for poor Tui. Don't want to know what an in form Rabbits left side would do to him.

In a tough situation where we are waiting for Saab to return though and don't really have any other option other than maybe Vaega.
Yes definitely feel that wing is one of our positions lacking any real depth in our squad.... seemed to be stacked with centres though
Agree, we need to try someone else until Saab is back. Huge liability.

I also think Tuilagi is a bit of a lazy defender. For me, I’d love to see Lawton starting on the left edge. He looked good there a couple of years ago. That also allows Weekes to stay at 14

Tuilagi is very lazy. Couldn’t believe he just watched koula struggle to make a ball and all tackle on gutho who broke through and scored.
Vega is the best option at the moment tuipolotu is a centre not a winger. Two of his misses last night were after he was cramping badly though and made big plays in D that didn't pay off. Game was never in question against last year's grand finalists who went down only to Melbourne and the Sharks so everyone just chill.
Tui really is a crap defender and not much better in attack. Far too slow, especially laterally.
The sooner the better Saab comes back the better.

Tuilagi certainly is not im the same league as Haumole in defence. He needs to improve.
Tuilagi came from the tigers juggernaut. He will get better.... over time. Nuff said.
Don’t know about lazy, Tuilagi made 27 and missed 2 tackles in 59 minutes, for some comparison Jake made 35 and missed 1 in 80 and Olakau’atu 15 and missed 2 in 80

May have been a couple of poor efforts, but he was digging his shoulder into most of those 27
Tuipuloto was poor last night, taking the wrong option in defence more often than not, but I'm not sure slotting somebody new onto that right-side defence would really change much in the short term. We've had problems down that side for years, no matter who plays there. It's tough, because most teams will naturally direct all their attack in that direction, but we need to be better somehow.
Sure, Tui made some poor reads in defence but he's not the first and won't be last that happens to v Parra - that's their go to edge.
He stays out, they probably score anyway, he just made it look easier for them.
I was more disappointed in the no try, needs to be better there.

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