We need BBC back & firing together. We looked good in Rnd 1 but poor uncoordinated defense let us down.

Cazarine isn't all that much chop & just smells like a desperation signing. I'd expect him to ride the pine for most of the season.

Our defence is the most worrying thing though. We've got the players but they just aren't doing the job ATM. Would like to see Ryall & Keller at CB with Cole & Byun the R/LCBs respectively. Foxe off the bench in the hope he has the impact he had last year.

Anything to lift us above the Tards, I can't stand being below those scum. In Vitja we trust!
Yes to be below the tards is just not right, hopefully our season kicks off on Sunday with a win and it all falls into place from there. Agree about Cazarine even though he did get a goal against Wellington I don't think he's shown enough yet, Time will tell however
At least BBC will be back together for Sunday. GC will be a tough test however, still yet to notch up a win against them.

Any idea if McFlynn will be back for that game? We're really missing him, especially when we only have Disco Stu Musialik to provide creativeness from the midfield with him out
Team for Sunday.

Sydney FC Squad: 1.Liam REDDY (gk), 2.Sebastian RYALL, 3.Stephan KELLER,
5.Hayden FOXE, 6.Hirofumi MORIYASU,
7.Brendan GAN, 8.Stuart MUSIALIK, 9.Bruno
CAZARINE, 12.Shannon COLE, 14.Alex
BROSQUE, 15.Terry MCFLYNN (c), 17.Matt
JURMAN, 19.Mark BRIDGE, 20.Ivan NECEVSKI (gk), 21.Scott JAMIESON,
22.Sung-Hwan BYUN
*one to be omitted In: 7.Brendan GAN (promoted), 14.Alex BROSQUE (return from injury), 15.Terry
MCFLYNN (return from injury) Out: 11.Kofi DANNING (International Duty), 13.Antony GOLEC (International Duty),
16.Terry ANTONIS (International Duty),
23.Rhyan GRANT (International Duty) Unavailable: 10.Nick Carle (toe – 2 weeks)

Shame that Nicky is out for another 2 but I guess it's better to rest up & get over the injury now rather than have it niggle him for the rest of the season.


Oh McFlynn McFlynn
He does what it takes to win
He'll kick your kneecaps in!
Oh McFlynn McFlynn
tractorboy link said:
Hayden Foxe in the team ,oh how i'm thrilled, not.
You going to the game Mark?

Thinking about it.

Weighing it up with saving my money & just going down to the Ivanhoe & watching UFC 119.

You or Azza heading down? I think Jono was planning on going.
I haven't spoken to anyone else about it but might text and see who wants to go, i'm keen to go, I'll be in the city for lunch so may as well go after that.
Well that was a crap game, what a let down.

Really deserving that spot at the bottom of the ladder atm. Not getting any easier either, Nth. Qld & Adelaide up next.
tractorboy link said:
That was rubbish, what on earth is going on with them. As u say Mark we deserve to be where we are on the table.

On the bright side I thought that Brosque & McFlynn were superb in their first game back. Keller & Bruno had some class moments as well. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the team.

I wish we'd get rid of Gan already, he was abysmal when he came on so no surprises there. Musialik continued his terrible form as well, surely there is a better option there.
I don't remember Gan playing at right bck before? But no he didn't play well, only a few did like you said Mark. The rest were poor. They better play well on Wednesday
Yeah but only by association

Also, Congratulations to Brosquey for making the Socceroos squad. Well deserved!

Always good to see a-league players get selected. Gives us one over the eurosnobs haha

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