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      ALinda replied to the thread Lol at the Bears.
      Mark Soden and Greg Florimo with James Bracey were on the Footy Show yesterday and they discussed Norths being in the NSW Cup GF and of...
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      ALinda reacted to manly al's post in the thread Lol at the Bears with 👍 Like.
      Think that the very slow progress developing what was then Graham park at Gosford for the Bears to relocate did not help their cause...
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      ALinda reacted to mickqld's post in the thread Woods Gonski with 👍 Like.
      Well I thought Parker was gone too so let's see. I'm betting he'll get another year.
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      ALinda replied to the thread Cade Cust out of contract.....
      It seems this article's correct. "Total Rugby League" posted the following this week: "CADE CUST is set for an exit from Wigan Warriors...
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      ALinda reacted to Tragic Eagle's post in the thread Assistant Coach after Flanno with 👍 Like.
      He reads a game well and is a good communicator. I expect he will do well provided the players hear him and respond accordingly. He has...
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      ALinda reacted to Ron E. Gibbs's post in the thread Josh Aloiai with 🤝 Agree.
      I reckon we have no choice but to hope that Aloiai comes good. No other club would take him off our hands, so we are stuck with him...
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      Thank you @mosto for running the MVP again this year, your efforts are much appreciated. I really enjoy participating every week and...
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      Thank you so much Mosto. Your diligent work is more appreciated than you could imagine. Once again the wisdom of the crowd has proven...
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      Massive apologies all. Family and work commitments have really got in the way of me keeping this updated this year. Although I notice I...
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      ALinda replied to the thread Jake Arthur.
      Nor is he missing the abusive/bullying Eels fans. No wonder he's happy here. I thought he played really well for us in the last few...
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      ALinda reacted to Sorry's post in the thread Jake Arthur with 👍 Like.
      Sea Eagles extend Jake Arthur to end of 2025 AuthorWayne CousinsTimestampThu 21 Sep 2023, 11:19 AM Share on social media Share via...
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      ALinda reacted to Rocky's post in the thread Josh Aloiai with 🤝 Agree.
      Josh Aloiai is one of the most important players for Manly in 2024. If can ever regain his 2021 form (where he was clearly our best...
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      ALinda reacted to Adz's post in the thread MWSE Squad Contract Status & Top 30 List with 📚 Informative.
      Didn't know where else to put it.. Looks like next year it will technically be a top 34. The 4 players designated as dev players will be...
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      ALinda replied to the thread Josh Aloiai.
      There was a discussion tonight on 360 as to whether Luai will/won't/should play this week having dislocated his shoulder 3-4 weeks ago...
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      ALinda replied to the thread Mental Health.
      Yep, I've been wondering myself. @globaleagle and indeed @Woodsie (as well as others) have sure been conspicuous by their absence...
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