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    • lsz
      I feel very uncomfortable typing this Brown looked good in his burst Time for a quick shower
    • lsz
      Very much looking forward to the game and season. All that said no matter what the result (unless there is an injury to you know who) it...
    • lsz
      lsz replied to the thread The Manly Way.
      Easily the best episode so far...but tell me more about the Brady's!
    • lsz
      lsz reacted to WiseyEagle's post in the thread Rest in Peace thread. with 👍 Like.
      He continued to play himself on the show even after a kidney transplant and was always at deaths door in later series. He was a real...
    • lsz
      lsz replied to the thread Corey Parker - CTE.
      Honestly it is such a tricky issue you can see why there is an inability to effectively deal with it. As long as there is large sums...
    • lsz
      lsz reacted to Budgie's post in the thread Corey Parker - CTE with 👍 Like.
      I don't say this unkindly but intelligence really is an absolute. The bell curve of intelligence suggests that the vast majority of...
    • lsz
      Danger danger in this thread...
    • lsz
      lsz reacted to SeaEagleRock8's post in the thread Corey Parker - CTE with 👍 Like.
      As in your own case, and mine, one problem with that is that you typically begin these activities when you are just a kid depending on...
    • lsz
      lsz replied to the thread Corey Parker - CTE.
      Devastating. I have to be be honest as I have gotten older these sort of things worry me more and more. Honestly I am not sure what the...
    • lsz
      lsz reacted to Eagle 1's post in the thread Manly's 2024 surprise packet with 👍 Like.
      We can only hope, promises so much every season, could this be his year. Was going to say breakout season, but he's been here a while...
    • lsz
      lsz reacted to Stuey D's post in the thread Nick Politis' two conference league dream with 👍 Like.
      I completely skimmed over the article. You are correct of course. We still play the Storm each year. I like it even better now! Will...
    • lsz
      lsz replied to the thread Manly's 2024 surprise packet.
      I am going to put my hope and dream out there Taniela Paseka to become the dominant front rower we have seen in patches
    • lsz
      Honestly I really like it. 1. We would still play the storm (and all other teams) just once per year 2. I am not sure how travel would...
    • lsz
      lsz replied to the thread Trial vs Broncos.
      I to an disappointed that we have not retained the prestigious pre season trophy we won last year especially as we all know that pre...
    • lsz
      lsz reacted to Rocky's post in the thread Is Weekes the next Gutherson with 👍 Like.
      Weekes had no spot in this years Manly team. Just like he didn't at the end of last year. That's not to say he won't turn out to be a...
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