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    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Lyonstomenzies's post in the thread Marty..OMG with 👍 Like.
      I know Marty and he is a very nice guy. His is calculated, well spoken and is very much a family man whose image to his kids is the...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Scorpio's post in the thread Hooker with 👍 Like.
      For what it's worth Lachlan Croker - 2023 6 tries 4 try assists 5 line break assists 2 forced drop-outs 15 offloads 858 tackles at...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Stewbojevic's post in the thread Hooker with 👍 Like.
      Unpopular opinion around these parts but I don’t believe hooker is such a big problem for us. Have a look at the two grand final teams...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Buugee's post in the thread Club News 2023 with 👍 Like.
      Congrats Olakau'atu! Players recognise him so hopefully Freddy will next year with a Blue jersey🔵🦅...
    • pogeggs
      The Broncos have the team to beat Penrith, but the old saying of “you’ve got to lose one to win one” will prove correct I reckon. I...
    • pogeggs
      Penrith by the length of the straight. Don't really get why people are turning against them other then they win. Broncos are, for me...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to southsideeagle's post in the thread Jake Arthur with 👍 Like.
      Before he signed he knew that Brooks and DCE were the halves. He and the Club must believe in his long term future with us. A good sign.
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Terry Zarsoff's post in the thread Kelma Tuilagi with 👍 Like.
      I think Lewis Brown’s time at Manly was more about his misuse in the rotation, courtesy of Barrett’s cluelessness, rather than any lack...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Will on the hill's post in the thread Your preferred 2024 side with 👍 Like.
      If Koula is as good as Tom why can't he have a roving role from centre? The idea that Tom won't get injured if he can chill out at...
    • pogeggs
      Twal is the player we need for many reasons… we have too many forwards that play in 20 minute stints and gas towards the end of their...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Ryan's post in the thread Outs / Ins / Rumoured with 👍 Like.
      It's hard to keep a tally of where we are at, so thought I'd do a summary, and update it as we go: OUTS Morgan Harper (ESL) Kelma...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to manly al's post in the thread Bullemor with 👍 Like.
      Definitely a real improver in the later stages of the season . Got his timing right for his impressive ruck charges and just a busy...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to XV-1's post in the thread Bullemor with 👍 Like.
      Finally!! Excellent signing for 2 more years https://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2023/09/19/sea-eagles-re-sign-forward-ethan-bullemor/
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to Spartan Eagle's post in the thread Harper To the Super League with 👍 Like.
      Well nothing confirmed as yet.. but bon voyage and all the best. Well behind on the pecking order. A player that has frustrated many but...
    • pogeggs
      pogeggs reacted to simon64's post in the thread Harper To the Super League with 👍 Like.
      Good luck to Lionel Richie. Say what you will about his ability, but he always had a red hot go whenever he was picked.
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