2011 NFL Draft


So anyone else here a bit of a draft nerd like myself? I've been hanging out for the draft since the wildcard round so a bit of relief that it's finally here (1st round is on thursday, 2nd & 3rd rounds on friday & 4-7 on saturday).

For all those who haven't been following the draft, it's probably the worst draft in quite some time in terms of talent. Massively top loaded draft, especially along the D-line. The QBs on offer are awful, but there have been rumours that as many as 7 QBs will go in the 1st due to the need out there at the moment. Can't see that happening personally, especially with the lockout reduced training camp & pre-season which could spell disaster for rookies pressed in too early. It's always a shame to see a rookie get David Carr'd & ruined forever.

The exciting thing is that the entire draft is up in the air. Normally the top 10 is easy to pick (in regards to what team players are going to) but this year, anything could happen. As usual, no one has any idea what the Iggles are going to pull out but we do need to pick up at least two CBs & a lot of OL & LBs. I can see Big Red picking up a DE or DT if the right one falls to us as well.

Some top prospects to look out for;

Cam Newton - Dual threat QB from Auburn. Led Auburn to a national championship in his one year there. Superior athlete, lots of question marks over his accuracy & ability to run a pro-style offence (He ran a spread offence at Auburn which was more of less point & click). Character issues as well as some scouts have noted that he is a compulsive liar & the NCAA are investigating into whether he recieved unlawful benefits from Auburn to attend Auburn over Sth. Carolina. Will probably be the #1 overall pick (Going to Carolina).

Patrick Peterson - Best CB prospect since Champ Bailey. A lot of draftniks were projecting him to safety due to his size (6"2, 210lbs IIRC) but he ran a sub 4.40 40 yard dash at the combine so he is definately a cornerback. IMO the best player in the draft, whoever gets him will be very happy with themselves.

Marcel Dareus - 3-4 DE from Alabama. Most people are mocking him to Denver at #2 overall, I'm not that sold on him personally. Doesn't seem to have great burst & I'm not sure he'd live in the backfield like he'd need to if he plays in a 4-3 (which Denver will be running next year). I don't think he'll be a bust, I just don't think he'll ever be anything special.

A lot of indicators that the 49'ers are looking at taking QB Blaine Gabbert in the 1st. It'd be hilarious if they do, the bloke was given a 5th round grade at the start of the season. He is a beneficiary of a very weak QB class. Colin Kaepernick is another QB to look for in the mid rounds. Very athletic but needs some work on his throwing action. Would love for Philly to pick this guy up in the late 2nd or 3rd.

Vikings looking at mostly D-line prospects to take with their first pick I hear. Da'Quan Bowers will definately go to them if he falls that far, was the consensus #1 overall pick during the playoffs but injured his knee & the concerns about the knee healing have hurt his stock big time. Vikings reportedly fell in love with QB Jake Locker but there is no way they take him at #12 overall, he needs a couple of years on the bench to adjust to the NFL.

No one has any clue what Philly will do (Suprise, suprise) but if they are as interested in Colorado CB Jimmy Smith as they seem then they will take him, even if they have to trade up for him. Great lockdown corner but has a lot of character issues (Was arrested a couple of times at Colorado for DUI & possession). Ravens reportedly want him as well which could make things interesting. If Philly don't get their man then it's a pretty safe bet that they will trade down.

Steelers are looking at CBs as well with Aaron Smith being the name thrown around most. Very physical corner, not the best athelete but has the potential to transition to safety which is another position of need for Pitt.

Kevin Kolb still on the trade block with all the Cards, Vikes & 49'ers reportedly the most interested. If trades are allowed during the draft (would have to be ordered by the judge currently presiding over the lockout case) then it would make sense for Philly to trade Kolb & their 1st rnd pick to the Cards for their 1st rnd pick. Peterson to Philly would be perfect in Coach Reid's mind.


They have been looking at QBs heavily by it's doubtful that anyone decent will be left on the board by #12.

Ryan Mallett would be a good pick up for them, but they need to upgrade their O-line considerably for him as well. The guy is an absolute statue, makes Peyton look like Mike Vick. He is the most pro-ready QB in the draft though, should be rated ahead of Gabbert, Ponder & Dalton. I have heard that Tennessee are very keen on him.

D-line wouldn't be the worst result for Minny, Ray Edwards is more than likely gone & they have little depth at tackle. Another interesting route for them could be WR if Julio Jones or even AJ Green are still on the board. Sidney Rice seems keen to test the FA waters which would leave the Vikes without a true #1 receiver. It'd be better for them to draft a replacement rather than overpay for Rice IMO.


The Eagle said:
Wolf,did the eagles send the franchise QB out to SF?

Kevin Kolb? No, not yet at least. As the league is currently in a lock out (due to the labour negotiations) teams are not able to trade players.

49'ers are one of the teams rumoured to be interested but it is looking more & more like the Cardinals or the Seahawks will be the ones to strike a deal.


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Wolfpack said:
The Eagle said:
Wolf,did the eagles send the franchise QB out to SF?

Kevin Kolb? No, not yet at least. As the league is currently in a lock out (due to the labour negotiations) teams are not able to trade players.

49'ers are one of the teams rumoured to be interested but it is looking more & more like the Cardinals or the Seahawks will be the ones to strike a deal.

Who cares as long as Kolb goes elsewhere


Matabele said:
The lock out has been lifted by injunction.

Unfortunately the League are seeking a stay & as such free agency & trades will not be able to happen until that appeal is dealt with, which will be after the draft.

Massive blow for the Eagles in particular, along with other teams that had eyes in big FA targets. I wouldn't be suprised if Kolb ends up staying in Philly for another year, which is a shame for him. On the bright side, Vick is almost certain to miss game time so at least we have a starting calibre back-up holding the clipboard.

McNabb to Vikings rumour is heating up, both he & Visanthe Shianco made a big deal about the two of them meeting up & having a chat about how great it would be to play football together in Minny. Personally I think McNabb is done but he can still heave it deep which is great for the Vikes.

Going to be an interesting draft for sure. The sub-par QB class certainly spices things up.


Round 1 in the books, pretty crazy moves going down so far. Can't believe how much Atlanta gave to move up for Jones, insane. Philadelphia did the Philly thing & took a guy no one had in 1st round rather than trading up a couple if spots to get the #2 ranked CB in the draft (Who went to the Gunts just to rub it in). Andy Reid, sometimes I love you, other times I want to kill you.

For those who didn't catch the draft it went down like this:

#1 Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton QB Auburn
#2 Denver Broncos - Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
#3 Buffalo Bills - Marcel Dareus DT Alabama
#4 Cinncinati Bengals - AJ Green WR Georgia
#5 Arizona Cardinals - Patrick Peterson CB LSU
#6 Atlanta Falcons - Julius Jones WR Alabama
#7 San Francisco 49'ers - Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri
#8 Tennessee Titans - Jake Locker QB Washington
#9 Dallas Cowboys - Tyron Smith OT USC
#10 Jacksonville Jaguars - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
#11 Houston Texans - JJ Watt DE Wisconsin
#12 Minnesota Vikings - Christian Ponder QB Florida St.
#13 Detroit Lions - Nick Fairley DT Auburn
#14 St.Louis Rams - Robert Quinn DE UNC
#15 Miami Dolphins - Mike Pouncey G/C Florida
#16 Washington Redskins - Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB Purdue
#17 New England Patriots - Nate Solder OT Colorado
#18 San Diego Chargers - Corey Liuget DT Illinois
#19 New York Giants - Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
#20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
#21 Cleveland Browns - Phil Taylor DT/NT Baylor
#22 Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
#23 Philadelphia Eagles - Danny Watkins OG Baylor
#24 New Orleans Saints - Cameron Jordan DE/DT Cal
#25 Seattle Seahawks - James Carpenter OT Alabama
#26 Kansas City Chiefs - Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt
#27 Baltimore Ravens - Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
#28 New Orleans Saints - Mark Ingram RB Alabama
#29 Chicago Bears - Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
#30 New York Jets - Muhammad Wilkerson
DT Temple
#31 Pittsburg Steelers - Cameron Heyward
DE/OLB Ohio St.
#32 Green Bay Packers - Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St.

Can't believe how early some of the QBs went. Newton at 1st overall was no surprise but Locker & Ponder were complete reaches. Both Tennesee & Minny could've traded down in to the late 1st/mid 2nd rounds & still got their guys. Locker & Ponder are both going to need a year behind a vet QB before they start, if rumours are to be believed then it'll be McNabb for Ponder but I have no idea who the Titans will be starting at QB, Kerry Collins?

Seattle, hilariously bad. Carpenter was very average in college & most pundits had him
going at the bottom of the second at the very very earliest. Shocking call by Seattle when there were so many quality OL still on the board.

I'm not a fan of the Solder, Heyward, Baldwin or Taylor picks either for various reasons. I think all four of the above teams could've done
much better with what was on the board.

I'm starting to warm to the Danny Watkins pick. He'll be 27 by the time the league season starts but he should start for us at RG from day one which is a big need for us. He apparently has a great work ethic as well & is tough as old boots which he'll need to survive in Philly, when you've got Howard Mudd & Andy Reid riding you to play harder you have to be tough.


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Overall I'm happy with the Vikes, particularly after the last day and what they landed there. Ponder might have been taken early but they could not afford to risk not getting a marque QB with the uncertainty of free agency. I like the sound of Ponder, very smart and a team player, will sure make a change from the Favre era. Apparently he could have been the best QB of this year's lot except for injuries. I don;t think we'll regret taking him.


Looking back over the draft classes now I think that Minny did a fantastic job. I still think that they should have tried to trade down into the late first (& possibly gotten themselves a say in the third round as a result) but if the market isn't there it isn't there. I am a fan of Ponder, won't be surprised if he steps in & starts from day 1. Quick witted, accurate cerebral QB who should excel in a west coast offence (Assuming that the Vikes stick to that style). His only glaring downside seems to be the elbow & shoulder injuries he's suffered to his throwing arm. Didn't have fantastic arm strength to begin with so I don't expect him to be throwing 80 yard bombs downfield to Rice anytime soon. Good accurate game managing QB though, which is what is most important.

Looking back over the draft classes now I think that Minny did a fantastic job. I still think that they should have tried to trade down into the late first (& possibly gotten themselves a say in the third round as a result) but if the market isn't there it isn't there.

Rudolph was a nice pick up, productive TE with a lot of potential. Can block as well, something which a lot of college TE's struggle with. Should be able to run some nasty two TE & jumbo set packages. Could be devastating in the RZ.

Don't mind Ballard in the fourth, great value. Vikes needed some extra bodies on the D-line. Ballard is a good penetrator from what I've seen, can get into the backfield well if Minny set him loose.

Got some incredible value out of the sixth as well. DeMarcus Love is a big lad, solid run blocking tackle. I'd say he'll sit for a while before being starting material but great potential none-the-less. Ross Homan was a beast at MLB for Ohio St., I wouldnt be surprised to see him early on in the season slotting in at MLB or SLB. The Vikes LB corps are starting to look like the best 4-3 LBs in the league.

Disappointed that the Vikes picked up Brandon Fusco, but only because I wanted him to go to Philly. Great center that fell because he attended a small school, interesting to see how he pans out with some pro coaching.

Quite happy with the Iggles draft with it all said & done. We have become quite a force in the draft in the past few years, keen to see it continue.

I'm 50/50 on our first rounder Danny Watkins. On the plus side he will start straight away, is a favourite of a man who will probably go down as the greatest OL coach in the league, has a fantastic work ethic & is a nasty f'er to boot. Downside is that he'll be 27 when the league year starts. We should get at least 5 seasons out of him though, which is about how much teams bank on getting out of draft picks anyway.

Love our second round pick, Jaiquan Jarrett. Grew up in Jersey, played for Temple (Philadelphia uni - play at the Linc) & is a life long Iggles fan. That aside, he offers something we haven't had since BDawk, a safety who can lay the timber. Great run stuffing SS, some questions about his man coverage but that can be fixed with coaching. Should make a good tandem with Nate Allen, who has proven to be a bit of a ball hawk already.

Picked up CB Curtis Marsh in the third. Don't know too much about him but he has only plated CB for two years, played RB before that. Seems to have tonnes of athletic ability but will need some time to learn the position at the pro level. I think we see him pushing for time next year, don't expect him to see much action this year.

Nabbed Casey Matthews & Alex Henery in the fourth, high hopes for both. Casey is the little brother of Clay (GB OLB, DPOY runner up), but isn't a similar player. Not an athlete but good smart linebacker who should factor in at WLB & MLB, especially on passing downs. Alex Henery, not much to say other that he is one of the best kickers to come out of college in some time, PK's don't get taken in the 4th for nothing. On a sad note though, it's likely the final nail in the coffin of David Akers. So long Dave, you've served us well.

Dion Lewis & Julian Vandervelde in the 5th. Not fussed on Lewis, he seems to be the kind of RB that needs carries to get going, which he won't get at Philly. On the plus side he was McCoy's back up at Pitt, must be something the coaches like about him. I'm a fan of Vandervelde, seems very much the prototype Howard Mudd lineman. I can see him being Jamaal Jackson's understudy for a few years, intriguing prospect.

Picked up Jason Kelce & Brian Rolle in the 6th. Not fussed on Kelce, practice squad candidate IMO. Stoked that we got Rolle though. Was a team mate of Ross Homan's at Ohio St.. Undersized for a LB (5"10 230lbs) but quick off the blocks & diagnoses plays fast. Another guy who will probably feature on passing downs from the get go. I'm excited about his development, could turn into a real 'baller.

The seventh round was incredibly productive for us last year so I'd like to see that trend continue. Picked Stanley Havili & Greg Lloyd late in the round. Havili played FB at USC & should push Schmitt in that position until Weaver is fit enough to return (If he ever does). I'd say that he will be the end of Eldra Buckley as well as we'll use him as a 3rd RB, keeping Schmitt around as a lead blocker type. Has great hands & route running ability as he showed at USC where he notched up a disgustingly brilliant amount of recieving yards for a FB. I don't hold much hope for Lloyd to make the team but I can see him being IR'd & kept as a future project. If he becomes anything like his father (Who played for the Steelers) he should factor into our plans in the future. Big, gnarly run stuffing LB who is built in the Jeremiah Trotter mould.

FMD I'm long winded. Need to find more things to do at work!


At first, incredibly pissed. Though after I actually took time to look at some video of Henery & thought about our situation I was pleased with the choice.

Akers chose not to sign his transitional tag & was making it difficult for the Eagles to sign him. When you consider that Akers is 37 & has been declining for a couple of seasons now it makes sense for the Eagles to search for his replacement.

Henery was widely rated as the best PK to come out of college in recent memory so it seems to me that we got value by picking him up in the late 4th. Especially when it is unlikely that he would've been available at our first 5th rounder. For references sake Adam Viniateri was taken in the early 4th round. If Henery turns out anything like Viniateri the Eagles will be happy with the pick.

The Eagle

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What do you make of 49ers not drafting a QB? are they looking to trade for one or what? The QB is said to be going going gone as they need a change and they dont think he is the man to be there,the coaching there has changed alot (apparently) and im concerned they will again lose their rather easy division and not being close to eligible for a wildcard entrance


You heard right about the 49'ers staff. Coach Singletary is gone, along with all of his co-ordinators & assistants. New GM as well (Trent Baalke IIRC). New coach is John Harbaugh, former Stanford HC & brother of Jim Harbaugh (HC of the Ravens & former Philly secondary/special teams coach). They have lot of hype behind them but I would expect some teething problems as there always is. Harbaugh turned Stanford into an excellent football program & his brother is one of the better coaches in the league so I would expect him to do well given time.

Regarding the QB situation, they did draft a QB. Colin Kaepernick out of Nevada in round 2, they traded up to get him as well which would seem to indicate that they are high on him. Kaepernick was my favourite QB coming out this year though he will need a season or two on the bench before he is ready to go. Great dual threat QB, amazing athlete with a cannon arm. Best way I can describe him is a very raw Mike Vick (Though Kaepernick has a better physique for playing QB. He is 6"4 IIRC).

From the rumours floating around the league I think SF will re-sign Alex Smith & keep him around for a few years, bringing Kaepernick in gradually until he is ready to take the reins.

The Eagle

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From what i heard Alex Smith is on the outer and not only we're the 9ers looking to rid him of them,he was looking to leave himself due to what sounds like bad blood with some respect between him and the club


A lot of that bad bloods stems from Mike Nolan trying to make him play with a separated shoulder & Singletary playing QB roulette with him, Troy Smith & David Carr. Harbaugh has more or less come in with olive branch extended to Smith. He has been complimenting him incessantly in the media & apparently gave him a copy of the 49'ers playbook for this year despite Alex Smith being a free agent. Given how utterly ridiculous Harbaugh will look if Smith goes elsewhere with his playbook I think it's a safe bet that he has wrangled Smith back around.

Smith has been hardly done by his entire tenure with the 49'ers so you can't blame him for being aloof but I think an entirely new coaching staff along with a GM may lure him back, if only for this league year. TBH it would be in his best interests as well, playing with SF is his best shot at reviving his career as well. No one else will offer him a chance to start & he already knows his line & receivers in San Fran.

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I think they are a franchise under siege in a big way,i watched a play last year where it looked like this bloke had the plague due to the inept defense not getting anywhere near him or jersey grabbing,The O Line left alot to be desired and they had a single reciever worthy of note (Ive only watched the last 2 years)

That said i think its going through a rebuilding phase the likes of Manly circa 2003-2007 and with its history things may turn for the sleeping giant

Its really frustrating to watch to,2009 was the year of the Cardinals on Foxtel following the end of the QBs career,last year was the year of the Eagles,im hoping its not year of the Steeler as Roth's games **** me to tears,watching him as a QB has to be the most boring thing ive seen in my life,his O Line let him get the absolute **** beaten out of him ,hopefully they follow the Eagles again because with players like Vick and Jackson alone theres no way they arent exciting,i remember that play where the punter ****ed up and Jackson fumbles only to regather and Jackson bursts through the other team like a samarai sword through hot butter,runs up the endzone line letting the clock tick down

With the cards it was ok because Warner was semi exciting and that tall black bloke with the dreads was awesome,even if him and his coach had different ideas on what downs he should be on the field for,if they show to many 49er games this year due to my lack of knowledge when i started watching i might have to turn green,while i really hate team switchers my choice was based on a dodgy colour tube originally,so im not even sure if it counts,also i hate rhyming slang


The reign of one bad HC can turn a franchise to utter crap in a few seasons, the 49'ers had two in a row. I don't think that they'll win the division anytime soon but they & the Rams (who I think will win the NFC west next year) are the teams on the rise in that division. The Seahawks are crippled by overwhelming stupidity & the Cards are the Cards. Even Larry Fitzgerald (the receiver with the dreads that you mentioned before) wants out because they can't get a QB.

49'ers O-line should be improved next year as well, Iupati & Davis were rookies last year so expect to see vastly better performances at LG & RT. I can see the 49'ers making a splash in free agency, a lot of good guards that will be available.

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