EURO 2012 Poland/Ukraine

EURO 2012 Quarter Finals Draw:

Czech Republic v Portugal
Germany v Greece
Spain v France
England v Italy

If I was a betting man, I would put some money on Italy to win the tournament.

Greece to pull of the shock win of the tournament with a win over the mighty Germany.
In the Quarter Finals matches all four winner deserved to win & advance to the Semi Finals.

Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo again staring could of easy scored 5 or 6 more goals against the Czech Republic whom were very lucky to go down only 1-0.

Germany were in a different class to Greece whom can hold their heads up high as loosing to Germany 4-2 in the Quarter Finals isn't too bad considering most people couldn't name one player in Greece's squad where as Germany are full of star players.

Spain showed why they are the current defending Euro Champions & World Cup Champions in their 2-0 victory over France whom matched it with the Spanish for long periods.

Italy I though dominated England with Andrea Pirlo always finding that killer pass to split a hole in England's defense which bravely held on. Mario Balotelli could of easy scored 3 goals with so many chances in front of goal.

Semi Finals line-up is Portugal v Spain & Germany v Italy.

First Semi Final will be Cristiano Ronaldo v Spain. I can see an upset win for Portugal.

In the 2nd Semi Final I think Italy will win against Germany. The Germans attack is machine like awesome but it's defense looks quiet shaky & Italy's Pirlo will find holes easy. It just hasn't been tested yet I think.

Italy to defeat Portugal in Final.
Pauvre de moi.

Can't argue with any of the QF results, all of the winners have deserved their wins. Disappointed in France but there were signs of our woes in the England draw, just couldn't finish teams off & it ended up costing us. Hoping that some of the younger players like Sahko & Varane can break into the team in the coming years & sure up the centre defence. Mexes & Rami are very average & it hurt us as the midfield had to do too much defensive work & it forced our fullbacks to be overly cautious, also, Nasri is a little bitch, but that was a given. Good to see Blanc laying down the law with the team, very confident that he is the right man to take France to Brazil.

I'm going to go with the favourites for the semis, Spain & Germany to get it. Spain have been excellent this tournament, no signs of the factors that had people tipping them to falter early, a scarily good team. I get your issues with the German team & it won't surprise me if they do get shredded by what is a very good Italy team, but I think that the likes of Lahm & Hummels can do enough (especially with an excellent GK in Neuer controlling it all) to give their attack a chance to win it.

Going to be some great games coming up, I do think that Spain will win it though.
Andrea Pirlo & Mario Balotelli combination will rip the heart of Germany's defense.

Predict 3-1 win to Italy.
It was almost happening like I wrote the script yesterday. I didn't think the Germans could match Italy's allround game. Germany's defense not good enough to win the tournament. Italy had a few one on one's with the keeper towards the end & could of made it embarrassing.

The Mediterranean nations continue it's recent domination of major tournaments.
Euro 2004- Greece
2006 World Cup- Italy
Euro 2008- Spain
2010 World Cup- Spain
Euro 2012- Italy or Spain
I thought Portugal would beat Spain and Italy would beat Germany. A Spain Vs Italy final isn't a bad result.

There certainly is an aura about the Italians, their whole style of play has changed from years gone by from being a defensive side to much more of an attacking side.

The final will be interesting and I will be cheering for Italy to cause the upset. Why wouldn’t I when I placed $100 at 16/1 just before the first ball was kicked at the start of the tournament.
Aetna said:
Aetna said:
I also have a slight feeling about Italy & Mario Balotelli doing very well if not all the way.
Italy looked good in their opening 1-1 draw with Spain. I'm not a betting man, but I'm going to put some money on them to win Euro 2012. They are starting to remind me of the Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup after the match fixing in Serie A.
Good luck OneEyedEagle. You will feel like you were playing by the end of the match.
Well then, Italy certainly proved me wrong, well done to them. Ballo woke up in a big way & it could have been even worse (for Germany) if he didn't get injured.

Really looking forward to the final, should be a cracker.
I thought the Italians were using this comp to hone their skills for the Olympics - Diving! j/k
What a goal from Balotelli.
Good luck OEE but I'm cheering for Fabregas even though he left us. So long as it isn't a defensive snoozefest I really don't care. Still, I'd be betting on 1 goal or less after 90.
Spain up 2-0 at HT, Chiellini off injured as well, which is almost as bad as conceding a goal for the Azurri.

Both goals were absolutely brilliant, not much Italy could have done about either of them.

In other news, I feel sorry for Spider for having to talk to Les, Zdonkey & Foster for such a long time. I'm sure he'll breathe a sigh of relief once this tournament is over.

4-0 FT, total domination. Second half was a bit gash but Spain were all over it & the score line was well deserved. Motta going off & leaving Italy a man down was an absolute hammer blow. Italy did very well to make the final & I do feel a bit bad for them, would be heartwrenching to concede 4.

Lol @ Ballotelli's dummy spit at the end of the game.
The better side won no argument. (You win some you lose some but $1600 in my hand would have been handy)

Italy looked lethargic and Spain killed them at the counter attack.

I am not too disappointed as no one ever gave this Italian side a hope of getting past the group stage let alone make the final.

The pleasing aspect is that they still play a well structured technical defence but now rather than play for the draw they play to win rather than the boring defend at all cost attitude.

Can’t wait for the world cup in 2 years time.

I wish Australia could host a world cup in my lifetime, I would take leave during the entire tournament and go to as many games as possible.

Did you read Inzaghi may be Western Sydney Marque signing. I follow Sydney FC but will have to go watch a few Wanderers game if it comes off.

It's a pity more European teams don't come to Australia and play exhibition matches in their off season
Congratulations Spain. They were simply World Class to beat a very good Italian team 4-0 in the Euro 2012 Final. Spain left their best performance for the Final against Italy & now will go down as one of the Greatest Football Teams of all-time having won three consecutive major football tournaments. UEFA Euro 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup & UEFA Euro 2012.

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