Found this - Celtic vs Rangers

Might want to edit that link to take out the first 'http://', won't work otherwise. Nice doco though, cheers for putting it up. You're right in thinking that it's recent as it would've been filmed during this season just passed, the OF game where he follows the Celtic fans in was the 1-0 game at Paradise where Ledley headed in the winner.

Suprised that he didn't focus more on the school system in Scotland, which contributes to the continuation & severity of the rivalry quite a bit. You start seperating children from a young age & force their families to choose between catholicism or protestantism you are providing the perfect breeding ground for sectarian hatred. To echo what was put across in the film, the anti-sectarian measures that the Scottish parliament & SFA implemented were not only utterly ineffective, but they did more to hurt the average fan & innocent people then it did to stop any kind of bigotry.

My view is of course biased, because I am a bhoy through & through but the only songs that the Green Brigade sing that could be construed as offensive are really the IRA based songs, which (aside from not being directly offensive) aren't officially sung by the group anymore. The doco seemed to make The Fields of Athenry out to be a sectarian song as well, which I didn't really understand. Again, this may be taken as biased, but I have no issues in saying that songs about wading knee high in Fenian blood, making light of the Famine & the Troubles are far worse than chants such as "Ooh, Aah, the RA!" or calling Rangers, 'Huns'.

Had to laugh at the Rangers fans making out like them going broke would doom Scottish football as well. Just a case of sour grapes there. It is going to severly impact the upcoming TV deal (I believe that Sky has already initated a plan to show Ranger's div 3 games this season, in addition to the SPL fixtures) but Scottish football will never move forward in the current format anyway. This could be a good thing in the long run if the new deal gives a fair allocation of the money to the other SPL clubs & allows them to compete on a fair playing field.
I remember one of the Ranger's board members saying you could order chicken in the dining area but you don't get a Pope's nose :) haha
I grew up in Aberdeen. I had half my family buying me Rangers shirts for birthdays and christmas. The other half bought me the team colours I grew up to love.It hurt likes hell when ya lose but there is nothing... nothing... nothing like a rivalry like this. Two years to go and I will want them to be back in the 3rd division. but nervous and excited at the same time for all the old firm games.

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