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When Aloiai was re-signed he was showing he could be a decent bash and barge prop for us, no-nonsense, good leg-drive/post contact, says all the right things... The only issue at the time was that we'd only seen glimpses of him due to ongoing injury/suspension.

Re-reading page 1 of the original thread, it's has reminded me that he is not the player he showed glimpses of

link: Josh Aloiai re-signs until 2025

To be fair he was only fluctuating between starter and bench prop and wasn't really expected to be more than just a dependable, competitive prop in the forward rotation. But nonetheless, he's been a liability more often than not from mid 22' to now. The more games he strung together the less we needed to see

After the lawnmower man put his name back in the headlines, he has morphed into an increasingly slow, lethargic, error-prone version of himself. Dry as a bone at the moment.

It's really hard to envision what our recruitment model was over these last few years with Mestrov punting the Fultons being described as a 'change in our recruitment model'. Revisionist me would say he shouldn't have been re-signed, but it clearly was warranted at the time. Hopefully he doesn't stick around unit 2025 though fmd
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It was poetic that the last play of the game was another handling error from Aloiai. His best attribute at the Tigers was leg speed and he seems to have lost it. He’s had his knee strapped since the day he got here and appears to be unfit.


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100% he'll play next week, why?, because our depth is so $hit
I would "rest" him next week, but that's the problem isn't it. No-one else is demanding selection.

Shame Sipley is still suspended although I'm not sure he is the answer either. I think Sips needs to be managed throughout the season to have an ocassional week off/in reserves to keep him fresh and hungry for success. Seems to play better when he is not guaranteed a spot in the 17.

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