Manly crowd v wanderers

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Mals said:
Shoe1 said:
To me, big crowds = crap. Soccer is the Michael Jackson of sport. It appeals to the uneducated masses. If most of the world lIkes it, then odds on it is simplistic and uninteresting. Give me complicated any day. I like rugby league, which is a boutique, tribal, niche game. Give me a 12 to 15k crowd in a suburban ground, that'll be fine thanks. I want to see the game, like I want to see a punk band up close. You can keep your stadia, soccer and Michael Jackson.

Rugby Union is the game for you then ;)

But I do need it to be exciting @mals, so league thanks
bones said:
KaZa said:
Sydney FC as well. Much more civilised too.

It is just the culture of football that creates that atmosphere. The singing is not really done in any other game. Chanting yes.. singing no. NFL seems to have the record of loudest atmosphere which is interesting.

The sad part of rugby leagues atmosphere.. it is just yelling out crap like 'hes offside' 'put him in a coffin' etc. It doesnt add to the game and most people are silent until something happens. Each game is different.

The Leeds crowd sung throughout the entire match at the 2012 World Club challenge. By far the best atmosphere I've experienced at a Rugby League match. It was very EPL like.

That's interesting because my inlaws are all Rhino nutcases and they couldn't name one player for Leeds Championship team - just flat out don't care for soccer. The singing must just be cultural, regardless of the sport.
Grew up watching nsw state league soccer....heaps of passion, rivalries and derbies. ...also heaps of fights amongst the fans can have their ultras , marching to the games , and their " cappos " with megaphone....oh and whats a game without flares??? Seriously these RBB fans need to get a life....fights with victory fans ....incidents at church street before home games. ....fights with syd fc ? Fine ambassadors for their team and guys are like flies to feasies. .....with teams like parra and penrith to support no wonder the wanderturds have been so successful so quickly....old timers like myself have to laugh at these tough guys. ...wouldnt have lasted 5 minutes at the suburban grounds where there were hardly more than two coppers at any time....avala , sydney utd , and olympic fans would have eaten these cats alive just for fun.....fact.
I'm an old school Avala and Olympic boy mate... Being half Serb and Greek heratige.. when ALeague started I didn't like it till Wanderers came in.. every one has their own opinions.. don't care every team has good and bad.. at the end of the day membership wise these guys have a successful model... If they got to a better stadium they would have 25-30000 ticketed members with no problems u said...everyone has their own opinion....25k members with only 2 teams in sydney....? imo it isnt that impressive when they basically have what as competition ? Nothing....other than bling fc....
Why do people get so upset when another code has success....they have a successful is getting results.....that's it....
I can see both sides of the argument.

I enjoy soccer. It's a skillful game despite what a lot of people say. Yes, there are a lot of theatrics (which is just a nice way of saying cheating for mine). But played at the highest level, you can see why it's called the beautiful game

I grew up playing soccer in the 70's. Like SE007, I had Greek parents and remember the NSL and the associated racial tensions. Croatia vs Avala was always good fun.

The NRL could learn a lesson from the Wanderers with the decision to not move the ACL final from Parramatta Stadium to Homebush for the financial windfall. You have to admire the way they put their fans first.

But ultimately, for me, it's rugby league any day of the week. I can't wait for March. The A-League just saves me from the cricket. Now THAT'S boring.

I'm glad the A-League has replaced the NSL and I'm glad it's growing in popularity. Not going up against the other codes is just plain smart for mine. It fills a void and the crowds are just proof.

But replace Manly ? Not a snowball's chance in a summer soccer season.
WESTIE said: u said...everyone has their own opinion....25k members with only 2 teams in sydney....? imo it isnt that impressive when they basically have what as competition ? Nothing....other than bling fc....

I think for a club 3 yo it is impressive, how can you get more members if they wont fit inside their run down stadium??

How many other teams can say they are guranteed a near sellout every game if all ticketed member come.. I wish we had that problem at Manly... Ive been a paid member at Manly for as long as I remember, we have a successful team, yet our membership is not the best considering.

I remember goin to the 2008 GF and thought wow , where the hell have all these Manly fans been when things were tough?.. I had to sit through those beltings when we came back after northen eagles.. ANyway , I guess the point im trying to make is ( who knows its been a long day in the office ) we cant really talk we get happy having 12K members, but for a successful team I know we have many more supporters that could buy but dont. Youd be suprised how many ticketed member Manly has outside of the Manly area.. We really should be a club that cracks 20K without issues
007..the lack of proper seating is the only thing killing manly crowds.....and yes Simon, im with you regarding the a league...anything but cricket
you think??? if we had a 30K seat stadium at Brookie for eg, you really think we would have it filled?? Id love it if we could, but I just think we wouldnt have it filled at all. Hope your right but.

My dream of having a filled Sea eagles Stadium for every game!!!
Frogz said:
Why do people get so upset when another code has success....they have a successful is getting results.....that's it....

Spot on mate. I watch just about every sport there is and I see good and bad in everything. I despise the stereotypical comments that come out in these arguments about my sport is better than yours.

I'm not necessarily a Wanderers Fan (I'm not committing to an A League club until Canberra gets a team), but I think its remarkable for what they've achieved in such a short amount of time. If people don't think there are any lessons that can't be learned from that, well hopefully you aren't in charge of the Sea Eagles.
Ramrod said:
6. ** new point ** There are too many teams in NSW. Expand the game like VFL, not contract and don't bring back the Bears unless if it's in Adelaide!

Being from Adelaide.....I like the way you think. But don't expect the NRL to play the Adelaide ball for a LONG LONG time unfortunately...the last time we got an NRL game here was April 2009.

SeaEagle007 said:
NOW on to a-league. I really think NRL if they are fairdinkum of goin the next step they should follow the a-league model. Australia Wide, less teams but eg, you can have a North, East, West and South (or West and East sydney teams) 2 in queensland, and and 1 in every other state etc just a suggestion... stadiums would be full rivalries would be greater and more intense. The exsisting teams that are playing now, can play in NSW comp or whatever. If NRL is serious this is how you grow the game, might be a culture change which needs adjusting but that is the way forward. Otherwise we will just have clubs struggling to make ends meet.

You've just described in a nutshell what the Super League was supposed to be all about here. Most of that was aimed at reducing the number of Sydney teams and having teams around Australia rather than just in the league strongholds of NSW and Qld.

Though it came as no real surprise to many outside of NSW and Qld that when the ARL and SL smoked the peace pipe and the NRL was born that part of the ARL's compromise was the death of the Perth Reds and Adelaide Rams. From my own personal experiences, the general feeling in the SARL community at that time was that the ARL didn't want these teams because they weren't part of the Sydney establishment and that Melbourne survived the cull mostly because it was a chance to get a permanent rugby league foot in the AFL's heartland, something they had been itching to do since South Melbourne took up residence at the SCG to become the Sydney Swans in 1982. The other reason Melbourne lived was because they were owned by News Ltd (funny thing though, so were the Rams.....).
Soccer is enjoying a peak in interest. Due to the useless marketing teams at the NRL and the NRL removing the best parts of our game, Shoulder Charge and Punching grubs. I remember in 2002/2003 when Rugby Union enjoyed the same level of bandwagoners. The time will come when the A League goes back in its sheath it will be right about the time when everyone is no longer excited about karaoke at sporting matches and the wanders come last for 2 years in a row and parra makes the GF in those same years. These supporters are bandwagoners and they will get on the next bright and shiny thing once they are done with soccer.

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