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Honestly I don’t have an issue with anyone who believes in the sky fairy and think this completes their lives for whatever reason.

My own wife’s mother died of lung cancer having never had a ciggie in her life and I’ve never seen anyone so at peace towards the end of her life.

She was a devout , and I do mean devout, Catholic who went to church about 3-4 times a week.

She asked me when I asked Mrs MFB’s parents for permission to marry her ( yes you did that in the 70’s) and she asked me if I’d become a Catholic.

“ **** no “ I said and if that’s a requirement for permission the deals off the table.

Well, didn’t that cause some issues at the time?

Grant you different times, but someone else pushing their religious beliefs on you is, in my opinion, a low act.
I have a similar tale that presents like a mirror opposite to your own. It involves a fellow I knew for over thirty years, whom I will call Bill. Now Bill was a real rough and tumble type of bloke, brave and loyal. Feared and loved in equal measure.

Bill lived his life in high gear, disregarding his own mortality and the existence of the human soul, always in high spirits as he filled the room with laughter. He often made bold statements against God, thumbing his nose at the afterlife until death came calling in 2018.

The change in Bill's demeanor during his final days was so stark; it was challenging to comprehend he was the same man I'd known for three decades, presenting like a stranger lying in that hospital bed. Unlike your mother-in-law, MFB - Bill had no peace whatsoever. He was like a terrified little kid, tormented by whatever was waiting for him on the other side.

That day is guaranteed to come for all of us. It's pretty easy to dismiss while we draw breath. But not so when the specter of death places its hand upon our shoulder. Bill contemplated many things in those final hours. His well-earned bravado replaced by uncertainty and regret. Bill's anti-God bluster was nowhere to be found. All the "sky fairy" jokes seemed to reverberate in his mind like a withering echo.

Our achievements, intellect, and conquests will mean nothing at that moment where rubber meets the road. Even though many people surrounded Bill - he appeared so utterly alone when he crossed over.
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I knew a lady called Dr.Margo. She was a pediatrician who specialise in leukemia.

She saw many young children (and adults) die of cancer etc. Horrible deaths back in 80's and 90's.

She knew that god did not exist.
I see the boxer Tim Tszyu, discussing his next fight opponent, said:
“He said he’s going to take my spirit, well I’m going to take his soul because when your soul is taken you can’t take the spirit."
I've got to say I'm quite impressed at the level of theological sparring from the boys, in advance of the actual fisticuffs.
"Cultivating compassion is not a religious practice focused on ensuring we go to heaven or a good future life. It’s about living a good day-to-day life here and now. It’s about being a happy person. Warm-heartedness is a fundamental good human quality."

His Holiness the Dali Lama
(The real one lol)

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