Two in a row curse

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We haven't won more than two in a row since early 2022.

For someone who was, I quote, hired by Penn to "galvanise the players", (which apparently Des couldn't do despite actually going on winning streaks), we cannot be galvanised into maintaining a winning attitude. All through 2023 and so far through this year we have failed to have the attitude to win multiple games. We will win two straight and then seemingly lose the desire to win and defend for the game after. And it's not like we're the rubbish team, that I think we were for much of last year. 20-0 up on the Raiders, 16-0 on the Warriors, and 14-0 up on the Eels evidences this. Where is the attitude and desire to defend those leads?

We are able to come back from behind, as we did the past two weeks against the Eels and the Titans, and we can have fantastic near 80 minute performances against the Panthers and Roosters, but importantly so long as they are consistently in the fight, and keeping us in that fight. As soon as we are winning the arm wrestle, or we think we have already won the arm wrestle, as we did against the Dragons before it began, we fall apart. We have no desire. Penrith, Storm, and so many other teams would finish it from that position, consistently. It's not physical. It's not skill-based. It's clearly mental.

Seibold's made a lot of great steps in this department, but seriously, how is defending a 20-0 scoreline the hardest part?

It is far from the worst issue in the comp, but is probably the most frustrating. We know we can perform, and yet we won't. We are like the discount Eels in that sense, similar issues, but they have an injuries to their most important players. What's our excuse?

So many teams would kill for what we are given. Quick leads, keeping opponents scoreless. And then it falls apart. Why can we not complete it? Seriously, this shouldn't be the hard part. What are your thoughts?


Spot on @Phobia, I mentioned something similar in the post game thread.

We have very little desire (if any) as a team to win as a team and haven't for a long time. Winning in every area, (the basics, defence, attitude etc). We should have won tonight but we just lacked the desire to do so.

Having a winning team culture and mindset is one of the most essential factors for success.

A winning culture is where success is expected. That mentality of expecting to win no matter what and never giving up should be a no brainer, but very few teams are able to master it and master it consistently.

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Our team and player mindset are suss.

Something is up with Turbo's mind. He is weirdly not competing at thr same injury free levels as previous seasons. Like his brother Jake he is the go to bloke (leader) to fire up and demand application and instill a higher performance, true leaders. I certainly did not see that at the game last night or for the past few weeks.

I feel our forwards are one dimensional mentally. They apply themeselves individually but don't influence others i.e. follow me with my actions and lets hunt as a pack.

I have seen that start to emerge with Hamoule and Toff to an extent (before his latest comeback games). Aloia demonstrated it best last night but that is something new IMO.

I think the likes of Paseka, Croker, Lodge and Brown are all about individual efforts and not leading plays or forward / team combinations. These guys aren't young or new and should be inlfuencing more. How can Croker not have combos as a hooker? I still think this is a huge barrier to a premiership for us.

In the great Manly days there would be combos performing all over the park with the ultimate Lyons / Menzies demonstrating that backs and forwards can combine to enormous effect.

DCE looked lost without Hamoule last night and depressed when Saab dropped the ball multiple times from his kicks.

I am not sure who combines with Garrick in centre but I know he knows how to receive a combination effort as he has done that for years on the wing. Combos apply to defence as well.

Koula having combos with no-one is a real worry and a waste of talent. Brbo having a combo with anyone is an exciting prospect (lamenting the departure of Schu for this).

Brooks has a smorgasboard of combos to choose from and I wish he would hurry up and pick one and get going.

In summary we have individual mental application (to a point), we have the famed Manly Way mentaility but we severely lack combinations, trust and execution. Oh and we can't make effective tackles but that's for another post.....
Team P W L PD Pts
14 11 3 103 26
14 10 4 118 24
14 10 4 78 24
15 9 6 161 20
14 8 6 60 20
14 7 7 63 18
14 7 7 37 18
15 8 7 -8 18
14 7 7 -50 18
14 7 7 -79 18
15 7 7 28 17
14 6 8 -55 16
15 6 8 -47 15
14 5 9 -112 14
14 4 10 -71 12
14 4 10 -105 12
14 4 10 -121 12
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