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If you want to let him know what you think send an email to the Big Sports Breakfast on 2KY via their website. He works behind the scenes there. I sent them a link to this site last year when there was a big anti-announcer thread. My aim was to let him know what the folks on the end of his comments thought but it doesn't seem like he got the message.............

He is a Manly supporter and grew up in the area but my patience has now worn out with him as well. That gaff as Gift walked off was terrible.
John Hopoate and/or Terry Hill would make a better ground announcer than this plonker.

Show some sack Zorba (or whoever) and get rid of him.

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Very ordinary announcer. Goldman was great and understand and knew the Manly culture. It is a pity that petty squabbles with Zorba cost him a job. This guy is ridiculous and makes us look a laughing stock. Mind you, the sound is so poor on the Eastern side, you can't hear much anyway.
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This guy is the biggest pain in the backside. I'm sick to death of him screaming out "c'mon Manly your support!" If it were once or twice during the game, it would irritate me. He does it about 20 times during the game, yelling down the bloody microphone each time.

When he starts raving, people groan and even adults shove fingers in their ears. My friend went home with a headache last match, she didn't come back this time. Even when the chant finally came up (without his urging) he started screaming "louder, louder". He just loves the sound of his own voice.

I'm sure he thinks we all come to Brookie to hear him and the game is just a sideshow.

PLEASE GET RID OF THIS IDIOT NOW! Stop giving the paying customers and members in the stand a fright everytime you yell into that bloody microphone. The Stewart mix-up was just so embarrassing.


bob dylan

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Yesterday was my first Manly game this year and I would appreciate it if one of you kind gents/ladies could let me know once this bloke is sacked.

See for me to buy tickets to the footy, flights and a night at the Hilton costs me the best part $800.

Imagine if you paid that sort of money and had to sit under a speaker with this guys outbursts every 3 or 4 minutes.

I was planning on coming back for the Storm game, but it wont be happening.


patorick2010 said:
It is a pity that petty squabbles with Zorba cost him a job.

What exactly happened?

Was never the biggest fan of Goldman, but he's light-years ahead of this new bloke.

Glenn was leaving the field for an early shower and he creamed at everyone to applaud Brett as he left the field. Then he tried to correct himself in a very amateur way.

It was embarrassing!!!!

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Personally id commentate when manly was on the attack just to piss off the other teams supporter,id also call out "Matai has a new bitch" each time he absolutely smashed someone,it would be AWESOME!

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