I'm loving the A League

It's a nice distraction while the NRL boys have a rest.

Thank god for it because all we'd have for 5 months would be cricket (wake me up when it's over) and tennis (slightly better, but still not exactly exciting)

In sky blue, Sydney.
Hey Gallop and Simon Hill have been flapping their gums all week about how football in Australia will soon be Number 1.....great start Goose, that is one of the lowest games I've watched...and what a cracker....9,000 maybe......and snoresville of a game...keep talking it up...it needs plenty
scoff all you like at the e-league boys and girls...

I am sat in an office of aussies in London and more people watched the first A-League match live on SBS in my office than watched either the NRL or AFL GF....

They have hit the mark by making the rights global, and live streaming on FTA. Aussies in the UK can appreciate football (soccer) more after living here - and are genuinely interested.

For the record - the standard of play (from what I have seen, and I am an avid fan) is around lower-half of the Championship over here (similar level to Millwall or Charlton etc)

NRL should take note of some of the sound business decisions being made.
what's the FTA?
Would be interesting to see a top A league club play a championship side. Not sure the pace of the game and the defensive marking would stand up.
FTA = Free To Air deal with SBS

Foxtel show 4 games live, and SBS 2 show the friday Night game.

Effectively allows more mainstream access to the matches.

They've made it freely available whilst overseas (the NRL have a contract with Premier Sports in the UK which NO ONE has)..... so basically they have heavily restricted their marketing base offshore. Heaps of people want to watch NRL around the world, and don't want to go to a friggin bogan Walkabout pub in order to do it.

I actually think SBS have really outdone themselves here.

This rant isn't necessarily about football, its about smart marketing and access to latent supporters offshore.

The AFL do a very good job of it by selling an international membership package. Any fan can sign up for overseas internet coverage of ALL games for $120 for the season. Excellent initiative.

think about it - there are over 500,000 aussies living in London alone, let alone the rest of the UK and Europe...... its a captive audience really. Games are on on a Friday morning and Monday morning at work - heaps of scope to market to these people....

Give me a call NRL - I'll put you on the straight and narrow!!!!
I'm a sports lover first and foremost. While League is my 'drug' of choice, I enjoy Union, NFL, soccer, cricket, basketball...I even watched the decider of the Constellation Cup (netball) the other night and quite enjoyed it.

The Sydney FC v Newcastle game tonight was quite entertaining IMO. I don't compare it to League, or EPL for that matter, I enjoy it for what it is. But if you want to compare, Del Piero's goal tonight was as good as you'll see at any level.

Afterwards, I switched to ONE (I don't have Fox) watched Perth beat Adelaide 83-80 in a game that went to the last shot of the game.

Basically, I find some League fans seem to find it compulsory to put **** on other sports, and I've never really understood why. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I don't get the popularity of AFL in Australia, nor baseball in the US and Asia, but that's me, so I don't watch them.
^ I agree, but I will add this....

end at the end of 90 minutes, it's another......

Nil all scoreline! woohoo! What an entertaining game of soccer that wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
manlyfan76 said:
No salary cap talk. No refereeing bias/ mistakes and unbiased commentary. And several minutes play without a penalty.
Sounds too good to be true....
Now if someone will just decide to pick up the ball and run with it they may be on to something...
Soccer will struggle to to be Australia #1 sport when the national side keeps getting flogged by 6.
Knock football all you want, I love the game, the game is on the rise here and football has a global audience.

Western Sydney Wanderers are gonna get crowds that the worms could only dream of at Parra.

The only blot on the game is that Gallop is running the show, I will never forget or forgive what he did to Brett Stewart and our club.

Sydney FC and WSW will entertain sydney siders till our game starts again in March.

There is only one true football team and that is mighty Manchester United!!
All that said I would assume it is easier for people to enjoy as there is not as much emotional connection

If Sydney fc lose I do not go into a dark place...

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