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That was hard to go for a draw,i as i have most of the season expect wins....we have the coach who does the job and no team really frightens me after last years divisional

Kaepernick went rather well from what i seen though so hopefully with Smith out he'll stamp his name on the starting jersey

Looks like the end of 2 eras in Philly,they want Reid and Vick OUT,funny how the offensive line for the iggies picked up once they lost their star QB,complete out and out dogs (NOT REAL ONES VICK!!!)
Shocking year. The Iggles are definitely toast and to get skinned easily by Washington must be hard to take. Bolts were abysmal and half way through the 3rd quarter they got just their THIRD 1st down of the game. Broncos were poor too and they will just make up the numbers. Vikes are probably in the dustbin of history as well. Not sure who will get the NFC wildcard but Packers should be there. Any other teams for anyone else?
Packers will finish ahead of he Bears in the North. How good a season is AP having? We'd be 2-8 without him.
Matabele said:
Packers will finish ahead of he Bears in the North. How good a season is AP having? We'd be 2-8 without him.

AP is amazing, a truely phenomenal athlete. The thing that makes it all the more amazing is that he's doing this off the back of utterly destroying his knee last year. A mere mortal in his situation would only be starting to get back up to speed around this time of year, not blowing away the rest of the league.

Agree with you on the Pack, I'm just not sold on 'Da Bears' (though I do have an irrational dislike of that team). Too old, too slow & with the whinniest most limp wristed QB in the league.

So, so excited for MNF. Eagles vs Panthers! Which completely disappointing team can disappoint their fans even more! I actually think we'll win this one, but only because the Panthers are actually worse than us. Wtf happened to Cam Newton?
Wolfpack said:

It's not even a strong draft this year. Nothing positive at all has come out of this season.

I feel for you, we were a rabble this time 2 years ago

Eagles will be back, just not sure when
Massive off-season for us, lot of big calls are going to have to be made. The new HC is obviously the big one, a bad staff & we could be down in the depths for the next decade, but good recruitment could shoot us back up to the top a'la San Fran with Harbaugh. Lots of good coaches out there looking for a shot, Chip Kelley (Oregon HC) has been getting a lot of coverage in relation to the job, runs a very Andy Reid-esque style of offence. I'm taking more of a wait & see approach to it all, but it would be refreshing for the Iggles to have a defensive minded HC.

QB is the other big issue. Vick will only be back if he's willing to take a massive paycut & even then it's going to depend on if the new coach still wants him. Nick Foles may be good down the track but right now I don't think he's ready to be a starting QB in the NFL. There should be plenty of options on the market, which helps us out. Pretty unimpressive FA group with only guys like Drew Stanton, Matt Moore, Jason Campbell & Tavaris Jackson (Oh please no...) being available, but you'd imagine that guys like Matt Hasselbeck, David Garrard & Alex Smith could also be available for a relatively small price.

We do need another good draft this year though, last year was great & it went a long way to filling the gaps, but another one would be fantastic. Far too many overpaid veterans in our line-up that just can't seem to get it going in Philly.

Very interested in seeing if Andy Reid continues to coach after 2012. I know that the media are pumping up San Diego as a likely destination for him, but I'm just not sure that he'll want to keep going with it. It's been a pretty traumatic couple of years for Big Red, especially with his son passing away just before the start of this season. Couldn't blame the guy if he wanted to walk away from the game & spend some more time with his family. I've thought about the possibility of him taking up some kind of front office position with the Eagles & as much as I love to see great footballing minds like that kept with the Eagles, I can see that the Eagles may be worried about undermining the authority of the new HC if Reid were to be kept around in some capacity.

Anyway, enough about Negladelphia. Anyone firming on their superbowl tips yet?

I'm going to go with Houston & Baltimore for the AFCCG with San Fran & Atlanta in the NFCCG. Really didn't want to pick Atlanta because I don't think that they're on the same level as the other teams noted, but no one else in the NFC is standing out, all too tight to call right now.

From that, I'm going to say Houston & San Francisco SuperBowl, with San Fran winning. Just because I don't think I could handle yet another team winning their first SB before Philly. Houston is a crazy good team though.
I think SF might stumble again against Jets provided they make it there

I think Atlanta has been helped by both luck,decent form and a subpar opposition for most of the season no matter what team its been,they remind me of Steve Bradbury

If we arent there the ****ing Ravens had better win,i would find that acceptable
Matabele said:
I hear Brad Childers will be next HC of the Eagles.

Cue mass suicides in the city of Philadelphia should this happen.

I do think that the new HC will be an Andy Reid type coach though, really do think that he understands the situation & is going to be helping Jeff Lurie during the hiring process.
Wolfpack said:
Matabele said:
I hear Brad Childers will be next HC of the Eagles.

Cue mass suicides in the city of Philadelphia should this happen.

I do think that the new HC will be an Andy Reid type coach though, really do think that he understands the situation & is going to be helping Jeff Lurie during the hiring process.

Foles is starting to look good out there,to bad about Jackson being on IR
Goal 1 yard away and Reid calls 2 pass plays....wtf?
Certain coaches will keep the roster but others will strip it bare,if we got our hands on D-Jax i think it'd be goodnight NFL,at the moment since Kaep is looking good i think our worst position is at WR,our defence and O-Line is amazing,Great TE's but the WR position seems pretty bare and it gets worse,they are dropping like flies

I am enjoying the season a lot so far though,can't wait to see where it ends,im thinking same place again against the same team....i dont think we can do them i think they are a massive bogey
Looks like I called the Vikings out way too early so a terrific comeback. Could be the NFC play-off smokey along with Washington who have hit 6 straight and are firing at the right time. In the AFC I still don't like Denver even though second seed and Ravens are soft. Buckle up as it is going to be exciting. I'll go mad and predict a Pats/Skins SB.
AP has to be MVP. Our air attack is rubbish but we made the playoffs. Credit to Ponder though. He stepped up in a huge game despite having a reed thin WR corp. I expect we will be knocked off in Wisconsin this week though.
globaleagle said:
grab yer wings and ribs - superbowl's on tomorrow.

The state of Maryland needs something to cheer about. No doubt plenty of Natty Bo and crabs gonna be consumed tomorrow!
34 min stoppage due to power outage.

For those recording, set your timers longer.

Won't update the score in case someone doesn't want to know.

edit: Nice Natty Bo(h) reference!

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