I could never cheer for the Pats, they are the Melbourne Storm of the NFL. Brady & Belichick are so arrogant that watching any Pats press confrence is painful. Not to mention the whole Spygate scandal.

I'd take the NFC West any day of the week, the North is still strong. The Pack are only going to get better, Vikes will come back strong & the Lions are on the rise to the point where I think they'll be challenging for a WC spot next year. The Bears are a lot weaker than they appear & I think they'll only keep their current team together for another couple of years, once Briggs & Urlacher start to slow down they'll come crashing back down to Earth. Can't see Peppers staying for long either.

NFC West is in shambles atm. 49'ers still don't have QB & have a new unproven coach. Seahawks need a QB for next year & still have holes all over their team, they had no right to be in the playoffs this year when teams like Tampa & the Giants werent. Arizona are in a world of hurt & I doubt they're going anywhere quick. Wouldn't suprise me if Fitz will demand a trade soon either, a WR that good deserves a real QB throwing to him. Rams are the biggest hope in the division but even they need a lot of pieces to bring it all together, their pass rush is abysmal & the O-line is non-existant. I can see the 49'ers & Rams battling for that division in the coming years.


Loving the New York vs Boston rivalry coming into play for the Pats vs Jets game

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Steelers knock out Ravens

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Number 1 NFC seed is gone as the Pack get another upset. Falcons were pretty woeful. If Seattle can beat the Bears it will be the fight of the Underdogs.

I can't see any of those sides beating the Steelers, Pats or Jets (should they somehow conjure up a shock in New England.)

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True Ant - The Pats will be hard to beat in the AFC Championship game, should they beat the Jets as they should.

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Chicago beat Seattle. Should be a fierce game against the Pack.

Pats were in trouble against the Jets but look to be getting back into the game. Next week will be a cracker in the AFC.

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Steelers at home to Jets for trip to Texas and the Superbowl. WhoooooHoooooo!


I can't see the Jets beating the Steelers. Sanchez has enough problem throwing the ball normally without LaMarr Woodley & James Harrison bearing down on him.

I'm not sold on the Steelers though, I thought that the Ravens were the better team last week but Pittsburg got bailed out by Joe Flacco & Houshmanzadeh stinking up the place.

I'm not surprised about the Pack destroying Atlanta. The Falcons have been pretenders all along. GB should destroy the Bears, who are another team who have benefited from their schedule. The poor state of Soldier Field could even things up for the Bears though.


Winging it
I caught most of the action the last two days. Steelers were fortunate but still look the most formidable team. I like Sanchez but he can be hot and cold. AFC will depend on the performances of the scrimmage lines. NFC and I think the Packers will win it comfortably.

It would be a tough and dour SB but Steelers and Packers would be a clash of the Rhinos.


Steelers & Pack would be a great SB. It'll be good to see some strong defensive teams going at it after the dominance of teams like the Colts, Pats & Saints recently.

I was looking over what linemen the Steelers have left & it's looking very dicey for them in the trenches. Looks like they might have a practice squad lineman starting & on the defensive side of the ball Aaron Smith wont be available till the SB. Big Ben has had very little protection his entire career though so if any QB can deal with the situation it's him.

Pack are still the favourites IMO, their defence really has no holes in it at all. Their safeties aren't world beaters but they can get the job done, especially when they have Tramon Williams & Charles Woodson on the corners. Their O has been fairly average all year but with Rodgers throwing the way he is they don't need a running game or O-line.


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Matabele link said:
They might need to re-assess how they decide play-off spots across divisions.  Would you rather be in NFC North or NFC West?
  NFC North decider in the NFC game.


Winging it
Packers are on their way to SB. Terrible game and the Bears put on one of the worst performances I have seen. I know they ended up with 3 QBs but combined both teams completed only 3 out of 24 3rd downs (Packs 2, Bears 1). The Packers will be much better next week.

I am hoping for a high scoring game and any win to the Steelers in the upcoming AFC and it will be a big payday for me. I could triple my betting account. :)


Worst NFCCG since the Eagles Cards failfest in 08.

I did think that Rodgers was very good considering that he had no protection & no running game. Their one dimensional offence will hurt them in the superbowl, both the Jets & the Steelers have the secondary & pass rush to make Rodgers' life difficult.

The Bears didn't half life easy thanks to Cutler, absolutely digsuting act that he pulled out there. Even if his knee was sore it was still together enough for him to walk around & do some reps on the bike which means it was well enough for him to throw a football on. I've seen McNabb play on a broken ankle & Phillip Rivers throw on a torn ACL, Cutler is just a puss of the highest order. To do it in front of his home town fans in the NFCCG is a slap in the face to the entire Bears organisation from the FO to the fans. I wont be suprised if he ends up elsewhere next season.

EDIT: Ouch, Steelers have lost Pouncey already. Thats going to hurt them bad as the game goes on, Rothelisburger is going to be scrambling all day.


And the Jets come up short, looks like we'll be having a Steelers vs Pack Superbowl.

I have to admit that I'm not a Steelers fan at all but it was great to see them win after all the smack talking the Jets did this week/season.

I wonder how the Jets players who said they were going to make the SB without any doubt are feeling right about now.


Go Pack go!

Pouncey has been listed as questionable for the SB, Steelers are going to be sweating on him being match fit.

I can see Clay Matthews causing all types of trouble for Rothelisburger, he was having an easy time against the Jets when they went max protection but the Pack's pass rush is  deadlier than the Jets.

Got a feeling it's going to be a great superbowl.


Winging it
The Packers have come up slight favorites with the bookies. Packers failed to convert high first half possession and dominance in to a winning lead (and that is my guess why they are faves), but the very same could be said of the Steelers. Rothy is more my type of QB and  gut instinct is that the Steelers will win it.

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