Steve Menzies considers shock Auckland Nines comeback

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Jon Geddes The Manly Daily January 09, 2014

SEA Eagles legend Steve Menzies has revealed he would consider following in Brad Fittler's footsteps and make a shock comeback in next month's NRL Auckland Nines.

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Jon Geddes The Manly Daily January 09, 2014

SEA Eagles legend Steve Menzies has revealed he would consider following in Brad Fittler's footsteps and make a shock comeback in next month's NRL Auckla
nd Nines.

Following the announcement that Fittler was coming out of retirement to play for the Roosters in the inaugural tournament when he will be 42, there has been speculation around the club that "Beaver" may also have a run.

"No one has asked me to play but it is Manly and I would definitely have to consider it," Menzies said yesterday.

"It's hard to say 100 per cent yes or no."

Menzies said he hadn't really done a lot since he finished playing in France last September and would have to some training.

"The running game isn't what it used to be, but it would definitely be a bit of fun."

Menzies said a few people had approached him and told him that he should play.

"I have thought about it a bit, but when it comes time to say here is a pair of boots and dust off the headgear, that's the real decision."

Sea Eagles coach Geoff Toovey, a former teammate of Menzies, did not rule out picking the club favourite in his squad yesterday.

"It would be a possibility but I haven't even looked at my squad yet to be honest, I just got the rules today," Toovey said.

"But I'm sure he would be up to it

"If Brad Fittler could play I'm sure Steve Menzies could play."

In November Menzies revealed he would sign a $1 contract to play for Manly this year if he was needed this season.

"I'm getting a bit old and slow but if something happens and Manly asked me, how could I refuse," Menzies said at the time.

And unlike Fittler, Menzies only retired last September at the age of 39 while playing with French side Catalans.

During his 21-year professional career Menzies played 349 games for the Sea Eagles before he continued playing with Bradford and Catalans in the English Super League.

By the time he had hung up his boots, Menzies had turned out in an incredible 529 top grade games.

The opportunity to play with a genuine Manly great like "Beaver" would be an unforgettable experience for young players at Manly.

It would be another big drawcard for the tournament on top of the news that Sonny Bill Williams is also set to play for the Roosters.

Since returning to Sydney with his family Menzies has taken on the role of Sea Eagles ambassador.
This is bull****, its disgusting, its cheating the cap, he is a plant to kill players from opposing teams,...........Oh hang on this is beaver and Manly. I thought it was the Fittler thread

Great news carry on
I know in both story's (the $1 contract/the 9's) he's simply been asked a hypothetical question and the Journo's have turned it into a beaver comeback story, but his direct quotes kind of make you feel like he is just waiting for that tap on the shoulder.
I think it would be inspirational for the young ones to play along side the great beaver.

Im sure he has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to our rising stars.
Each team should have one player over say 38yrs old otherwise it is becoming a joke. Let's get a mascot and a cheer girl on the field as well.
I'd like to see Toovey out there. He was one of the best trainers ever to take the field just a couple of years ago and had no worries keeping up with play and organising the team. He'd kill it in the nines!

I always considered the sevens and now the nines as a light hearted comp not a serious won that had to be won at all costs. It gives the boys a chance to play in open space, use their speed and skill to create tries out of nothing. Bringing back Menzies and Fitler would be great for the comp to see some of the stars showing their great skill to create chances for the speedsters in the side, I would love to see Cliffy play if still somewhat fit. Really to me that would be the only criteria for these guys, prove they still have e fitness so they don't get injured and cause issues for themselves and the promoters of the event. Maybe not let any more than 2 per club so it doesn't become un-entertaining to the crowd.

Love it, it's fun and entertaining, let them play and watch the game sizzle in NZ.
I'd think beaver will be able to play I think he's out of headgear. I remember him tweeting a photo of his second last one which was falling apart.

Imagine him playing with his head nude it would be like Samson who his hair cut.
Let each team have only player on the field that can only touch or be touched to effect a tackle. Let Fitler play. Let Beaver sit on the bench covering Cliffy. Hell, even let Benji show his touch football skills. Bring some touch footy into the nines. Sure to be lots of rassle and dassle.
Did anyone else receive a letter from Jamie Lyon, along with the Nines pack today?

I thought that it was close to a sellout already :huh:

Should be a fun weekend if the weather holds out, there are very few undercover seats at Eden Park:s

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