Look i don't think Sydney FC have a bad team at all, however something is wrong.. But I believe when they click they will be hard to beat.

ADP is a gun, pure class. he is developing a combination with Yao, I think when Griff joins you guys you will be hard to stop and start winning again.

I believe the Sydney FC and Wanderers rivalry will be twice that of the Melbourne one.

Anyway nothing lasts forever. Im still waiting for the start of the NRL season. It would be good if NRL could create an atmosphere like the soccer.
Unfortunately Sydney's big problems were all set in place before the start of the season yet those in charge did nothing to amend them (which is why Ian Crook & Gary Cole no longer hold their jobs). Our defense was & still is pretty terrible, I know that Farina has stated his wish to bring in a new defender in the window, so holding out hope that we get some news on that front. That lack of a proper off-season killed us early on as well, the players still don't seem like they're in the same game shape as players of other clubs.

Really happy with the young guys we've brought through this year. Triantis & Calver in particular have looked great & it's fantastic to see guys that have been around the club for a while in Janjetovic (via Edensor Park), Ryall & Grant to finally get extended chances & really take them with both hands.

Honestly, I don't think we'll make the finals, the start of the year has just been far too awful, but I don't think we'll finish bottom either. I do agree with you, SeaEagles007, that Sackwhack Griffiths could make a big difference for us. Chianese & Yau are great players with a lot of speed but are anything but clincal finishers. With Lovrek & Mallia going missing, we really need some presence up top to give us a conisistent target.

As for duds, Emerton really has to take that award. Close to the worst starting player in the HAL this year. Really galling when you think that he's taking home $1.5m AUD for this crap. Needs to lift his game.

Really have to give Poppa tonnes of credit for what his done with the Wanderers. They've got a good roster, but he's still done well to get them near the top of the table, though it does show how tight the HAL is & how much a winning streak can change the table. Ono is finally starting to play like a marquee as well, which is fantastic for them.

Can't really be unhappy about any of the ex-SFC players they picked up. You're more than welcome to Bridge, utter wage thief that bloke. Was shocking for us ever since Brosquey left & we've got better youth than Joey 'Grand Final Hero' Gibbs. Would have liked to keep Shannon Cole because he is such a fan favourite at the SFS, though even he would still be depth for us at this point. Beauchamp was terrible for us last year but I do think it was a mistake to let him go when the only other Aussie we could find to replace him was A.Griff.
I told you once Griff joins and ADP fires,different Sydney team. Congrats to the you guys for the win :)

Im a wanderer, but ADP is a machine and he is good for the A-League
Finally sydney fc's attacking structure has improved, 7-1 against wellington who have been our bogey team for the last few years.
Well done to franky they just have to keep winning now to stay in the top six.Well done to the wanderers as well, no one would have predicted them to be where they're at the moment.
SeaEagle007 said:
Wanderers are playing like seasoned professionals , and on paper they have nothing compared to Sydney FC... What they do have is Passionate supporters and a Des Hasler / Bellamy type coach of the a-league

Popovic is a gun

and so are the wanderers...

The west is buzzing, I grew up in the northern region up until the age of 9 born into a Manly Sea Ealges culture, we did migrate to the west, being of Greek/Serb/Croat background, in the summer we would attend many soccer games. When they announced the Wanderers there was a big buzz in the communities.. You walk around here now and thats all you see.

I did go to 3 Sydney FC games their first GrandFinal, and once in 2009 and the other I happened to be in Melbourne visiting friend and went to watch them play against the Victory, who my cousin is a die hard supporter of.

I have been to all the wanderes game (in NSW that is ) They are building something special thats for sure..
I am in a very similar story of having moved to South-Western Sydney approximately 13 years ago & never really felt connected to Sydney FC like I do now with the Wanderers. Through the Football Family I was contacted to have my say & vote on the name, colours, logo, culture etc of the new Western Sydney team. This was all building only months before the start of the 2012/2013 A-League season began. Fan Forums were held through out Western Sydney to give the people of Western Sudney what they wanted to represent them.
ManlyBacker said:
No offense but why did they pick the loser Bears colours? You know it must end up in grief on that alone :) It has been a fantastic first season no matter what and I'm hoping they win.
Attending the football fan forums in western Sydney to create the identity of this new team along with many other former players, coaches, managers etc from the area now or in the past Red Black & White were the most popular colours.
1. Most teams in western Sydney had Red, Black & White. Blacktown City FC, Bankstown City Lions etc.
2. No other A-League team has that colour combination.
3. The traditional football, Red v Blue part of the city rivalry. Man Utd v Man City, Liverpool v Everton etc.
These were some of the reason brought up by the eventual voters for the colour. It was also a traditional football strip. It reminds me of the famous Brazilian football team Flamengo.
Yeah, Perth were hardly done by in that game. Can't be suprised about the tards getting preferential treatment though.

Not sure who I'd like to see win now. Probably a toss up for me between CCM or BR. It'd be nice to see the Mariners' finally breaking their duck, but on the other hand it'd be champagne comedy if they lose yet another grand final.
Thoughts so far this season? My WsW starting off a bit up and down, Victory are always a threat, syd Fc really miss ADP I personally thong Farina is a bad mix for them, Wellington are improved, Jets are crap, Mariners are still solid, Brisbane look like they are possessed.. Think Brisbane might go all the way...

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