The Liverpool & epl thread

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The Liverpool & epl thread

Could no longer wait for someone to start this thread so here goes.To all  liverpool & other EPL supporters have your say i can start by saying torres thanks for the memories so much for your loyalty then again andy carroll & suarez from ajax have joined the club to add strike power.Now in saying this it looks like United will be hard to topple of first spot.
Re: The Liverpool & epl thread

ManlyBacker link said:
Can this be moved to Football (soccer) under off-season sports? Thanks.

Done, but you could have done that yourself MB, you have the power :)
Re: The Liverpool & epl thread

Well done to the EPL clubs for showing sports organisations all around the world how to bleed money.
Re: The Liverpool & epl thread

From a neutral point of view it does make the game on Sunday very interesting. Reason to watch this overated league, he he just kidding. I do love the prem.
Typical pool fan

Liverpool and the EPL....

Only good thing about Manu winning this year is it will stop the carry on about most titles.

And yes I am a bitter hammers fan....those bastards took my one shot at seeing my team win something (the FA Cup)
So, anyone else eagerly awaiting the return of football? Pretty quiet transfer period so far, no groundbreaking moves but there is still plenty of time left, plus plenty of time left to lol at Villa for signing Shay Given to a 5 year deal (& forking out a substantial transfer fee for him to boot).

Thoughts on all the Tevez transfer hubbub? Not surprising that Corinthians bid fell through but have to think that he's going to leave eventually. City should still pick up Aguero IMO, that lad will carve it up in the EPL.

Geez the title of this thread really needs to be changed.
What about a champo thread?

I am feeling bleak...we are in the champo with Big Sam managing us....and most of our squad gorrnne

As for the season i am looking forward to pool playing 1-8-1 with all their midfield players - alos wondering if City will open up and play

As for tevez it is only worse than the cesc saga
lsz said:
What about a champo thread?

Forgot that you were a Hammers fan, Isz. Looks like Tractorboy, Rusty & myself will have a fellow poster wallowing in the pit of despair that is the Championship thread.

Come on Boro, sigh...
I heard forrest signed one of your old players good old georgie boateng!

I think we almost ot number the premier fans on here...

To be honest i am looking forward to it (in a way)

we have been crap for 3 years. At least this way, unless we implode, we will win a few games and might be in the play offs rather than trying to come 17th
I'm just sweating on the results of Fabregas' and Nasri's potential transfers. Don't care too much about the former but wil be really disappointed if Nasri leaves Arsenal. the gunners are also pretty desperate for a decent keeper. Was going they'd make a big play for Given, bit sounds like he'll be going elsewhere.
Could always stick with Almunia, what's the worst that can happen...haha.

I think that Fibreglass is as good as gone, hasn't he said in previous interviews that he always wanted to go back to Barca?

Looks like Nasri will go at first glance but I think your lot have a decent shot at retaining him. Really doubt that Wenger will let him go unless the offer blows the board out of the water.

It looks like you will pick up Gary Cahill as well which is a brilliant move, should solidify your backline. I'm hoping that he stay at Bolton though, just so they keep their grubby mitts off of Boro's youth.
Not the right thread for this, but it looks like Man Spew are out of the ECL!

Watching the live stream at work, Basel just went 2-0 up in the 84th minute. Come on you freaky Swiss bastards!

2-1! All over for the Mancs!

Basel, take a bow. Immense effort, so good to see them go through - well deserved.
What a great night for european football

After so many years of british dominance of the CL it is nice to see some old school results (like befica etc getting through)

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