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Robert Garcia thinks Mayweather and Pacquiao’s verbal sparring could lead to big fight.

By Chris Williams:

Trainer Robert Garcia believes that the recent twitter sparring that has been going on back and forth between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao could be the beginning of them working on a fight together for next year.

Mayweather’s hiring of former Pacquiao strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza is further evidence in Garcia’s mind that Mayweather will be looking to face the 35-year-old Pacquiao in 2015.

Garcia thinks it would be a good time for Mayweather to fight Pacquiao right now in the final 3 fights of his career to guarantee himself big money in all three fights. Garcia thinks it’s possible for Mayweather and Pacquiao to get a trilogy out of it with Mayweather making $50 million per fight.

“I think that could be the beginning of them working on the fight,” Garcia said to esnewsreporting.com. “If they’re going back and forth that could probably say something. If you ask me I think that’s a fight that probably won’t happen, but if they’re going back and forth there’s a possibility. They’re already talking. They’re building it up. He [Mayweather] brought in Ariza. When you bring things together, it makes a little bit of sense.”

I disagree with Garcia about Mayweather’s reasons for hiring Ariza. I think Mayweather hired Ariza because he sees him as a good trainer. He did a great job with Pacquiao and he helped out both Brandon Rios and Marcos Maidana in the past. Without Ariza, both of them looked poor in their last fights, and Pacquiao hasn’t looked anything like the fighter he was when he was working with Ariza and going hard on his strength regimen.

Mayweather was smart enough to realize that the brains behind the success of those fighters was Ariza in building up their bodies to make them stronger fighters than they were in the past. Mayweather is smart to hire an excellent coach like Ariza. It’s those fighter’s loss that they no longer have Ariza working with them.

“I would think that Mayweather wouldn’t do it and neither would Pacquiao,” Garcia said. “They have too much pride, but [expletive] it. Both of them are going towards the end of their careers so why not pick up $50 million dollars in one fight. That would be big, and they’re going back and forth and bringing in Ariza. It’s not like Mayweather needs Ariza or ever needed him. To sell it, it makes a lot of sense. It’s an interesting fight.”

Mayweather and Pacquiao would likely make a lot more than just $50 million in a fight between them unless the boxing public has lost interest in that fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather made $80 million for a Pacquiao fight with Pacquiao making somewhere along the lines of $60 million.

It’s a fight that would give Pacquiao a payday that he’d have to fight three times to earn. It would be huge money and it would likely set him up nicely for retirement.

“I don’t know who wins. I would probably pick Mayweather to win,” Garcia said. “But Pacquiao is awkward, very fast. To prepare my fighters to fight, I think Pacquiao is a lot more difficult. He’s too fast, he moves from one side to another. He’s got power, Mayweather doesn’t. I think Pacquiao’s more difficult, but Mayweather doesn’t have to do much. He throws one punch at a time, he’s got very good defense, so I would probably pick Mayweather to win. But Pacquiao’s got a shot. Pacquiao is fast, he’s too awkward, and he’s very different. There’s no one to prepare for to spare that fights like Pacquiao.”


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Finally, tomorrow...the fight of the year. The fight of a lifetime. Pacquiao vs Myweather



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Couldn't watch the fight due to prior commitments, but from the highlights I saw (or lack of them I should say) it didn't seem like much of a fight. Certainly wont't go down as one of the classics. Seems Pretty Boy won comprehensively on the judges cards, I'd be interested to hear from someone who watched it as to whether he was that dominant. Can't argue with the man's record, 48-0, he'll be remembered as one of teh all time legends. Surely all he needs to do now is beat Mundane to claim the crown as the greatest ever ;) Over to you Anthony.


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I hate Mayweather. He is a women basher and had Beiber in his entourage and corner, Justin fu#$king Bieber. I am no boxing expert but he did win the fight. His tactics worked well and his reach advantage made it difficult for Manny. Everytime he got close Mayweather would get in for a cuddle and he also spent alot of time dancing and running away from Manny. But at the end of the day he connected more punches. I guess sometimes the champion does not win the fight.

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We all yearn for the days when the likes of Ali Frazier left nothing in the tank. No one wants to watch great defensive technique. Hopefully one day we will see that again, but not with mayweather. Boxers with knock out potential would be nice too.


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Fights like this just make UFC clearly the superior sport

No doubt it will be a decade at the least until UFC sees anything like that buildup and PPV sales but with UFC there's not much the chance of a devastatingly underwhelming fight

5 rounds of Big Foot Silva vs Hunt in Brisbane cannot be topped on this day and age by a mere boxing match,which could be fixed in a number of ways, hell WWE is always referred to as fake when it's really just choreographed which while fixed is at the least entertaining at times

Worst PPV I've ever bought

Fight of the century? If that's it boxing has probably 20 years at best left
@cherry_poppins don king killed boxing 30 years ago.
Couldn't agree more but it hasn't done itself any favors since then

Tyson vs Homer Simpson (white fat prison guard) one such fight among a vast array of failures

The downfall of the heavyweight division in the last 15 years has sped it's descent into obscurity

I want to watch 2 blokes with knockout power go 12 rounds toe to toe

Not featherweights trading jabs trying to win on points


There is no A.I. Just better computers
The klitscho brothers are genuine heavyweights although they are getting a bit old now, being Ukrainian means the media hasn't really made them into stars, and them telling Don king to go F himself.

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