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Im not sure how they can recover this without some major suspensions for key players. Bancroft - seems eager to be popular and part of the team, but to what end!
Smith - has to be removed as captain, that then leads to the question, who will be appointed. I say Pat Cummins, any other suggestions?






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How did I explain this to my under 12 kids at training on Wednesday? How do I explain this to my son's who idolise Steve Smith?


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How did I explain this to my under 12 kids at training on Wednesday? How do I explain this to my son's who idolise Steve Smith?
Easy. Kids this is what happens when you believe winning is the most important thing.

Playing fair, winning with grace and losing with grace and doing your best. That’s the most important thing
That's disgraceful. It's all premeditated. Sack all that were involved and give others an opportunity instead. What's the point of playing the game at the highest level and for your country if you're going to cheat? It's a terrible reflection and a stigma to our national ethos. They have to go..


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Smith could have said: "It was my decision" but he certainly was quick to speak the truth and out the whole leadership team!


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I guess with Bancroft (who said he wasn't pressured into doing it) he should receive whatever punishment the icc hand down and get on with it.

Dunno about smith.... there may be no charges at all but seeing he admitted to formulating the idea, maybe the icc will do something.

They could ask SA what to do. After all they've been fined 3 times over the last 5 years for ball tampering and two players are current players in Faf and philander. I don't think anything happened to their captains.

It's to be expected but slightly ironic; the rush for SA to take the moral high ground with a record like that.

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Aussie's love playing and supporting our sport to the max.
Hard as we can.
But this is not in that frame.
I'm a pretty hard bloke to piss off when it comes to teams I support.
I'll argue with idiots illogically just so I don't have to listen to them criticise my team until they give up.
But I have really been getting the sh*ts with the ruff tuff cream puffs that make up some of this team and their carry on.
Except Pat Cummins.
Who goes about his business and gets on with it.
Now this.
Internationally they will cop it big.
But at home it will damage the game in a very big way.
We don't like cheats.
Steve Smith and Warner, Lehmann, ( happened under his watch whether he knew or not )
What the f*ck were you smoking before coming up with this.
They need to change the brand of the way Australian cricket looks completely.
Eat **** you stupid bug eyed ****

Finally we can put in a captain with some aggression

Smith is the flattest track bully of all time, can't bat outside Australia
How did I explain this to my under 12 kids at training on Wednesday? How do I explain this to my son's who idolise Steve Smith?

Do what he done

Break the illusion, shatter the glass and help them pick up the pieces, teach them not to follow him down that path

He can bat in Australia possibly better than anyone in the world

My childhood hero in my view at the time betrayed me,i was a child and from a bogan town, years later I see he saved lives and is a bigger hero than I ever thought he was


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It's the underarm ball all over again, but worse....it was premeditated. We'll never hear the end of it.
Now we have to hear the neighbors whine again because they've always been perfect in the world of sports

I hate it when they get on their high lamb

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There have been plenty of high profile ball tamperers in the past. The issue I have with this is the premeditated nature of it and the collusion involved. I'm not surprised if Warner is involved (by the way he's a Matraville boy not Campbelltown), but I gave Smith more credit. Bancroft is just the patsy. Be interesting to see if Lehmann is involved - I can't say it would shock me to learn he was.

The whole plan was laughable if it wasn't such a serious affront to the spirit of the game. To see Bancroft acting like a school kid who had just been busted passing notes in class was cringeworthy. Smith has then followed that up with some wishy washy press conference where he tried to squirm his way out of accepting blame. The whole episode is embarrassing.

This series has exposed our test team as bullies and bad sports and we are looking like a team who can dish it out but can't take it. I'm all for playing hard and pushing the envelope, but with the sledging furore last test and now this we've lost the plot. Smith has to go and so to Warner, they aren't setting the right standards here and they aren't developing the right culture in what is ostensibly a new team. We have one of the best bowling attacks in world cricket and our quicks can't be happy with the admission that they can't get it done without cheating. Get rid of Lehmann and get Ponting or Langer in there and get back to playing tough but fair cricket.

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How about that interview from Warner a few years back

Haven't laughed so hard in a long time listening to the rubbish he was spouting in that

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